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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday blinking

Check out Tor if you're wanting to help out people who need to blog anonymously (such as people who live in totalitarian dictatorships). I set up a Tor server, but discovered that Haloscan won't allow Tor users to connect. Bummer. They must love totalitarian dictatorships, that's all I can figure. So now my always-on Internet connection goes unused when I'm not at home, rather than a bit of it being siphoned off for Tor...

China is such a benevolent country that a guy tried to escape China in the nosewheel of a jet airliner. He died, of course. But the rulers who caused this guy to commit suicide are the guys that Haloscan is helping.

Sprint is building a WiMax network. Cool. Of the Big Four U.S. cellular providers, Sprint is by far the most computer-friendly, with fast data speeds in most markets and a lenient policy for data use. When I was on vacation for two weeks, I used Sprint DUN via Bluetooth to simulate blogging from home.

FBI won't identify country their agent pretended to be from when their FBI agent, pretending to be a representative of a foreign country, offered lots of money to a 67-year-old federal employee to steal nuclear secrets for them. This means the country they were pretending to represent was either China or Israel, since if it was Iran or North Korea you better believe the FBI would be trumpeting it wildly. But China and Israel are our friends (snark!).

Bush Administration refused to buy mine-resistant vehicles for military. In 2004 the Marines requested over a thousand MRAP's. Donald Rumsfeld turned them down because it would not have fit in with the political wing's official line that the insurgency was in its "last throes" (last throes which seem to be awfully long).

Federal judge says that killing U.S. operatives and destroying the career of CIA agents is within the job description of Bush Administration officials, dismisses Plame lawsuit. Alrighty, then!

Bush Administration and Israel love democracy. Except when democracy elects leaders that the Bush Administration and Israel don't like. Gosh, you mean that leaders should not reflect the will of the people who elect them? I thought we had a name for such leaders. It was something like, hmm, "dictator". Or "Bush administration official". Whatever.

And that's the blink as of now...

-- Badtux the Blinking Penguin


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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Random blinking

Overweight dude gets tired, falls down and can't get up, requires 40 volunteers to haul his lardy 500+ pound ass out of the river. Probably his ordeal was so horrendous that he just had to go over to McDonalds and eat a few dozen Big Macs to recuperate...

Senator David Vitter is a sexual hypocrite. Duh. He's a Republican. That's like saying "avian waterfowl" or "law-breaking criminal". It sorta goes with the territory, y'know?

Bush Administration VA Secretary hits the road. Something about failing to deal with the rash of brain-injured patients that have hit the VA's doors ever since the insurgents in Iraq figured out that rattling soldiers around with IED's scrambled their brains even worse than Dear Leader's cocaine-befuddled brain. How *dare* those disabled soldiers demand medical care after they come back from Dear Leader's little war for oil!

Harry Reid actually makes the Republicans go through with their filibuster threat in the Senate. Democrats go nap in their offices until the last filibustering Republican falls asleep and the Democrats can come back and call a vote on the legislation being blocked by the Republicans.

Republicans invent another fake Clinton scandal. Gosh, this has to be right up there with losing money in an Arkansas land deal on the bogosity meter of scandals...

Just a typical Tuesday in Bizarro World USA...

-- Badtux the Bizarre Penguin

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

News bits 5/2/07

Veto? Duh!

Like the cranky old man said last week, George Bush communicated over a year ago that he would not get out of Iraq until he left office. Do we not believe him? So of course he vetoed the money for our troops. But compromise? There is no compromise possible here. The people of the United States want the U.S. out of Iraq. The Iraqi people want the U.S. out of Iraq. The only people who want the U.S. in Iraq are Iran, Osama bin Laden, and the Busheviks, all of whom find it quite profitable for their interests. Dear Leader already declared victory, why, he even held a big party on an aircraft carrier deck with a big banner saying Mission Accomplished in celebration back on May 1 2003, so the "declare victory" part of "declare victory and go home" is done, but Dear Leader is going to continue supporting his buddies in Iran and al Qaeda, because, well, because he's The Decider and the Decider Decides, yessirree... compromise? He won't compromise. Because the Decider doesn't compromise, the Decider Decides. (Cue that "heh heh heh" smirk ).

Los Angeles police attack TV news crews

A Telemundo TV news crew got their ass kicked yesterday by the Los Angeles Police Department, as a wall of riot police swept through where they were holding court and sent a news reporter and three camera operators to the hospital. That link also shows a Los Angeles policeman beating a Fox News camerawoman with his baton in a scene reminiscent of the Rodney King beat-down (except with more targets getting the beat-down). And of course the Mayor of Los Angeles and the LAPD chief say they're shocked, shocked I say that, well, not that a buncha darkies got beat down, but that it got caught on live television broadcasts and looks bad, if you parse between the lines. (And if you think nortenos like Mayor Villaraigosa care if illegals get beat down, you don't know anything about Hispanic culture, they view the illegals as rustic ignorant nobodies who are taking their jobs).

Your Papers, Please

The Real ID Act calls for a national security card to be implemented. The Department of Homeland Security has been charged with writing regulations about what that national security card should look like. Since DHS is run by Busheviks, they of course don't care about public opinion, but the law says they must gather public input prior to implementing their regulations, so they did a single perfunctory "townhall meeting" at U.C. Davis. At that meeting you had your normal folks out there, civil libertarians concerned about the fact that it's a national ID card, advocates for abused women concerned that P.O. boxes are no longer allowed to be on the card (what about people with no fixed address? Apparently they just, err, don't exist in Soviet America... will they be disappeared to gulags like in Soviet Russia?), advocates for the transgendered upset that their biological sex rather than their adopted sex will appear on the ID card, the director of the California DMV upset that it will force millions of Californians to unnecessarily line up at his offices for new driver's licenses that double as the new national ID card, you know, just the normal kooks and flakes. Hold it. The director of the California DMV??? Why does DMV Director George Valverde want to allow terrorists to swim across the Atlantic with knives in their teeth and sneak into our bedrooms and KILL US ALL ?! Obviously he needs to be deported back to where he came from, he obviously is a terrorist himself. I'm sure that people will welcome him back in his homeland of, err... Los Angeles? Huh. Obviously some kind of funny furriner land where folks ain't like us, like Tuvalu, Nauru, Andorra, and Palau. Why does Los Angeles hate America?

Welcome to Soviet America, comrade

Not that it matters, of course. See, here's how it works. The Decider decides. Or he tells his henchmen/cronies to decide. They then decide, and do whatever they decide. That's how it works, see? Public input? Err, you mean the same public that wants us out of Iraq, the same public that elected a Democratic congress to get us out of Iraq? The public is not the Decider in Soviet America, comrade. The Decider or his designated sub-deciders is the Decider. What part of "Decider" do you not understand?

-Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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