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Friday, March 23, 2007

Cats are more popular than Coulter

Yes, folks, I just looked at my statistics for the month of March so far, and the words "cat" or "cats" in search terms are *TWICE* as popular as the word "coulter" in search terms, naked or not! Ann Coulter naked is getting five times more hits than Michelle Malkin naked (poor Michelle, nobody loves her!), but my cats are twice as popular as either of them.

Although, I must say I do have some questions. Okay, so The Mighty Fang is black, and big. But he's a fluffball, seriously, the biggest danger he is to anybody is to rub them to death while purring, why does Google send people here for the search term "scary black cat", if you want a scary cat this is a scary cat! And for the guy asking the question, "are cats immune to scorpion venom", uhm, sorry I couldn't answer your question, dude. The Minstrel Boy notes that scorpions are immune to scorpion venom, but that doesn't answer your question. And come on. My cats are NOT funny looking! Why did so many people come here looking for "funny looking cats"?! Sheesh. No respect, no respect I say! My cats are handsome cats. Fine, upstanding dignified cats. Not funny looking! Though, okay, they can be a bit clingy...

-- Badtux the Cat-loving Penguin
Who thinks it's great that cats are more popular than Coulter!

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Posted by: BadTux / 3/23/2007 11:06:00 AM  


Of course cats are more popular than Coulter. Cats are sleek, refined, sophisticated creatures.

Coulter is a skanky harpie.
# posted by TheCultureGhost : 23/3/07 12:28 PM  

How many people come to your site looking for photos of nude cats?

Suddenly, I'm curious.
# posted by georg : 23/3/07 1:49 PM  

Absolutely no people come to my site looking for photos of nude cats. On the other hand, doing a search of my stats page, I see:

nude hiking 2
nude hike 2
nude picture of saudia girls 1
nude little kids images 1

And for related searches:
naked cheerleaders 8
naked friends 3
naked pictures of south korea country women s and young girls 2
cheerleaders naked 2
nice naked tight asses 1

I do not know why Saudis and South Koreans are coming to my blog looking for naked women from their country. I am quite happy to see that naked cheerleaders are much, much more popular than nude little kids though. Ick!

As for nude hikers... dudes. Sunburn. Duh!

- Badtux the Statistics Penguin
# posted by BadTux : 23/3/07 2:31 PM  

i much prefer your cats to both ann coulter and michelle malkin reagardless of clothing schemes. i did a bit of research on the whole cats and scorpions thing. cats are not immune to scorpion venom. if they get tagged by one, depending on the type of scorpion it can be anything from sore, to sick, to fatal. if they are stung say, on the bottom of the paw, their chances are pretty good because of tough dense tissue, also, there are many places on the cat's body that the skin is tough, and loose, so that even an on target strike will only deliver a sub-cutanious dosage. scorpions are immune to scorpion venom, otherwise it would poison them when they use it on prey. mostly the way that cats kill them is that they worry and harrass the scorpion until it overheats. they don't have temperature regulation systems so with sustained activity they die pretty quick.

i will confess to a couple of sessions of nude horseback riding. one ended badly. there are some things that just should not be done.
# posted by The Minstrel Boy : 24/3/07 9:06 AM  

Your kitties are beautiful. Ms.(?) Coulter is not.

I got a hit this week from Google by someone searching for a "gay truckers blog," so, what the hey?

# posted by Mixter : 24/3/07 11:14 AM  

Just for the record, Naked Ann Coulter has dropped out of my top search terms, to be replaced by "Hitler in Antarctica", "hollow earth", and frozen woolly mammoth, which is how it should be. These searcher are more likely to find what they want and come back for more.

It looks like the key to Michelle Malkin's success will be to capture the nude cheerleader audience.
# posted by John : 24/3/07 6:36 PM  

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