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Monday, July 16, 2007

Another one bites the dust

The San Jose Mercury News used to be a decent rag. As the flagship paper of the Knight-Ridder newspaper chain they did some great reporting over the years, though they were often reluctant to stand behind it when they came under attack by the powers-that-be for reporting things TPTB did not want reported. Now, after being acquired by Denver-based MediaNews which in turned fired half their reporters and editors, the Murky News is reduced to reporting on cats that steal socks. On the front of section B (Local News), no less.

WTF?! Look, sock-stealing cats are cute and all, but on page B1?! That's the level of reporting I'd expect from the Benton(LA) Argonaut (population 2035), not from a major city daily! Is this what we're reduced to in the 30th largest metropolitan area in America? Stupid cat tricks?!

Crap, I might as well just cancel my subscription and subscribe to the San Francisco Chronic. The Chronic may not cover much San Jose news, but it seems that the Murky isn't going to cover it either, so I might as well subscribe to a real paper rather than what is, apparently, going to be just another small town bird cage liner...

-- Badtux the Newspaper Penguin


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