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Friday, May 18, 2007

Bubble Boy goes to Australia

And in order to protect him, a black helicopter will jam all cell phones within a quarter mile of him. Because he must be protected, regardless of the harm that it does to the business district of Sidney. Just as the poor innocents of Hong Kong must be protected from the beastiality and incest of a certain dirty book that was much beloved by the late Jerry Falwell. Ah, I do enjoy reading the tabloids! BTW, now that the terrorists know that cell phones are going to be jammed, I'm sure they'll just use another frequency. Like, say, the same one that the Secret Service uses?

Next up: Because of the possibility that someone might send poison gas towards the Holy New Roman Emperor's person, all air shall be banned from a half-mile radius of His Holy Eminence The Bush. Want to breathe? Tough! The Bush must be protected from that aweful "air" stuff!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


Posted by: BadTux / 5/18/2007 04:31:00 PM  


Where in the heck to you find the time to do all all this?

I'm retired and I don't have time to do that much blogging, but I do have a life also.

I would like to have a Linux PC but I don't have time for a learning curve as I am busy and I know MS even though I think it is a piece of shit.
# posted by BBC : 18/5/07 7:52 PM  

Linux and keeping up with technology via reading technical publications (which The Register is, sort of) is my job, BBC. I ain't retard and probably won't be retard for quite some time, because I have fun with my job.
# posted by BadTux : 18/5/07 9:23 PM  

wow! there is sexual content in the bible! wow! Probably why my grandmother never wanted me to read it even being the good Catholic that she was!
# posted by Nancy : 19/5/07 3:52 AM  

The bible is indecent, when you consider the fact that people think it is truth when it is actually myth.
# posted by Ole Blue The Heretic : 19/5/07 8:29 AM  

The Bible should have a "Not to be taken seriously" sticker on it.
Sydney is a nice city, I was there last December/January.

The Well Travelled Gentleman Thug
# posted by The Gentleman Thug : 19/5/07 8:53 AM  

I don't have a bible, used up all the pages wiping my ass.

I have never said that you are a retard, at least not in all things.

I've only said that you are a retard spirituality.

All folks are ignorant, only on different subjects. Hugs.
# posted by BBC : 19/5/07 9:09 PM  

So, um, did anyone happen to notice the title of the link at the bottom of the article about the Bush's Sydney visit?

"Gloves Come Off in George Bush Buttplug Rumpus"

Best. Title. Ever.
# posted by Gerald Fnord : 19/5/07 9:13 PM  

Oh good heavens. What the hell?
# posted by angry ballerina : 20/5/07 9:18 AM  

BBC, you ain't a Southerner, that's for sure. "Retired" is pronounced "retard" south of the Mason-Dixon line...
# posted by BadTux : 20/5/07 1:14 PM  

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