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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A cacophony of boors

By now, pretty much everybody in the Blogosophere knows about Spocko's little tiff with KSFO-AM Talk Radio. The result: three hours of blustering and name-calling.

Now you know why I don't listen to talk radio, whether it is the right wing or left wing variety (frankly, it took only three attempts to listen to Air America before I turned it off and left it off). Politeness and manners may be old-fashioned, but class will never be out of style. And talk radio nowdays ain't got no class. Screaming at people, interrupting or talking over people, and calling people names because they disagree with you is the sort of thing I expect from immature little children, not from grown men who are supposed to know better. Sister Mary Margaret would have given them all bruised knuckles every time they tried that sort of nonsense in her 3rd grade class. But then, Sister Mary Margaret expected her students to behave politely and respectfully as if they had some modicum of breeding and culture, even if they may have come into her classroom at the beginning of the year as uncivilized savages. Such an expectation apparently is not common today. Alas.

So sorry, I will not listen to talk radio. Whacking my radio over the knuckles with a ruler does not, alas, do anything to teach these boors proper manners and decorum, it only succeeds in raising my blood pressure and breaking the ruler or the radio. If I wish to listen to children screaming and name-calling and acting immature, I shall go to the toddler section at the local park. But they have an excuse. They are toddlers. They don't know any better. The talk radio boors, on the other hand, have no such excuse. They are adults who should know better. They are men (and women) of no culture, no breeding, no manners, and deserve every bit of respect they get from any person who aspires to being a member of civil society (i.e. none).

-- Badtux the Cacophonous Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 1/17/2007 09:50:00 PM  


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