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Friday, October 20, 2006

Shocking, just shocking!

My shocks on my truck, that is. The rears dumped their full load of shock oil the first time I loaded up the truck with 800 pounds of books and hauled it all 1,000 miles over aweful California highways (thump thump thump). The fronts seem to have gradually faded until they're pretty much gone too. So now my ride is bouncity-bouncity-bouncity-bounce, moderated only somewhat by the fact that, as a truck, it has rather stiff suspension.

After some looking around, it looks like the Monroe Reflex might be what I need. It looks like they use a variation of the motorcycle cartridge fork technology, which have a spring-loaded valve in them that opens on sharp bumps to solve the hydraulic lock issue that makes forks essentially go solid on sharp abrupt hits (ouch!), yet stays closed on smaller bumps where the normal damping holes provide good controlled damping. The result is a more controlled ride that doesn't bounce you all over the place when you hit big bumps.

Just curious what the more mechanically inclined amongst you think about this shock....

-- Badtux the Truckin' Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 10/20/2006 12:29:00 PM  


I’m not familiar with the Monroe Reflex, Tux. But Monroe makes a damn fine line of shocks. The shocks that NAPA sells are also damn fine shocks, but not being in the parts business anymore I don’t recall if they are actually Monroe shocks or not. For a pickup I would consider air shocks, I was always happy with them.
# posted by BBC : 20/10/06 7:42 PM  

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