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Monday, October 09, 2006

I feel safer...

because Dear Leader King George III removed the incentives that were keeping North Korea from exploding a nuclear weapon. And now there's nothing to be done about it.

There's speculation that North Korea may have faked the test by using lots and lots of high explosives. There's speculation that it was a "fizzle", a partial fission that fizzled out prior to reaching critical mass in the majority of the plutonium. There's even more way-out speculation that North Korea has no way of delivering a 10 ton nuclear weapon, given that its tests of its missiles have failed miserably (the last, BTW, is not true -- North Korea has dozens of mini-subs that could be used to deliver nuclear weapons to South Korea and Japan's ports, albeit it would of course be a suicide mission for the mini-sub). But there's one thing certain: North Korea did not explode an atomic weapon while Clinton was President, and did explode an atomic weapon while Bush Junior was President. Thanks for making me feel safer, Dear Leader George III!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Oh, and who gave the North Koreans their bomb technology? Our buddies the Pakistanis, of course!

Posted by: BadTux / 10/09/2006 05:18:00 PM  


Hey it has to be Clinton's fault in someway!

*sarcasm off*
# posted by Ole Blue The Heretic : 9/10/06 5:51 PM  

There is no such thing as safety on this planet. People worry about being blown up that are in areas where they couldn’t possibly be a target, and then get in cars and drive around. Do the math, figure the odds. Will you die from a bomb or a car wreck?
# posted by BBC : 9/10/06 7:05 PM  

Kim Jong-il has a Napolean complex, and our Dear King W has a Ceasar complex. great Combo.

I'm not scared of N Korea, I'm afraid of our King's response, he doesn't have a reputation for rational thought and he is without any kind of diplomacy.
# posted by niCk (Mem Beth) : 10/10/06 5:56 AM  

BadTux, have you read this:
# posted by The TechnoBabe : 10/10/06 6:18 AM  

BBC, I agree with you, but the Bush Administration markets itself as the administration that makes us "feel safer" (safer than what? They never answer that question). I was just pointing out that "truth in marketing" sez they're not succeeding.

Nick -- agreed. Kim Jong-il isn't going to commit national suicide by launching a war unless the United States does something absolutely idiotic, such as blockade the fuel and food that China and South Korea provide North Korea as a bribe for not going to war. If that fuel and food did not arrive in North Korea, the people would begin starving and dying within weeks. Kim Jong-il would have no choice at that point but to send his soldiers south to seize the wealth and food of the south before they all starved to death. Not that Dear Leader (our version of Kim Jong-il) would care, like the North Korean version he would strut and preen about how "tough" he had been, while 50% of the world's shipbuilding capacity and 20% of the world's memory chip manufacturing capacity disappeared into artillery shell dust. (Yes, South Korea has 50% of the world's shipbuilding capacity).

Babe, I did read that Fisk. My god, what a depressing read it is. One thing is clear -- the Muslim world doesn't want "our" democracy (not that we've ever had democracy in America). All that "our" democracy has accomplished, in their opinion, is bloodshed and slaughter of Muslim innocents, such as the children of Lebanon whose bodies are still being pulled out of the rubble of buildings bombed with American bombs from American planes flown by our proxies, the Israelis. Time to find an alternative to oil, pull our troops, pull our aid, and let them all do what they will. And oh, I think we can spare Broward County (Fla.) as the new Israel for all the European Jews currently in Palestine. It's almost as big as the current Israel, and there's more Jews in Ft. Lauderdale than there are in Jeruseleum anyhow. The Arabs view the current state of Israel as a proble of illegal immigration, a bunch of illegal immigrants from Europe invading and forcing out the original inhabitants. Fine. Remove said heavily armed Europeans to some place where they're more welcome, and let the Arabs all rot in peace.
# posted by BadTux : 10/10/06 8:29 AM  

amen to that
# posted by tallkev : 10/10/06 8:50 AM  

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