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Friday, September 08, 2006

"Yeah yeah, quit witcher flashin' lights, hear?"

Mencken is a bit of curmudgeon. His philosophy is "life sucks, and people suck too." Sorta like his namesake newspaperman/philosopher. He has a more properly cat attitude -- the purpose of people is to worship him, but only people who he has chosen to worship him. Any other person, he either ignores or goes under the couch if they try to bother him. He isn't exactly a tiny cat -- as you can see, his butt is sliding off the edge of the scanner -- but he's a couple pounds lighter than the Mighty Fang even after the Mighty Fang's diet that took him down to 15 pounds.

I don't have as many pictures of Mencken because, well, he's just not into that whole modeling bit like the Mighty Fang. But here he is sunning himself on his personal butt-warmer, giving me a look of disgust as I flash bright lights at him...

- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 9/08/2006 08:41:00 AM  


See what happens when you have herring-breath. It attracts cats and they won't leave. And you have to battle them for the herring snacks all the time.
# posted by niCk(Mem Beth) : 8/9/06 1:51 PM  

Ya ain't shootin' da bull when youse sez that about battling them for the herring snacks! I open a can of tuna or a tin of herring, and those boys are ALL OVER ME. Even Mencken, whose usual attitude is, "oh, whatever."

- Badtux the Battling (for herring!) Penguin
# posted by BadTux : 8/9/06 7:02 PM  

Mencken looks pretty healthy, happy, and sleepy in that photo. What a pretty cat. I don't have herring snacks or breath and have five cats. Of course, being an old lady, it's the usual thing for us to have a bunch of cats. Five at last counting. Perhaps I could send a couple your way? Of, course, I'm kidding (just in case they decide to read your blog).
# posted by oldwhitelady : 18/9/06 5:34 AM  

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