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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Escape from Ikea, Part II

Finally got to do the long-awaited full jungle trek. Must... resist... urge... to totally redecorate my apartment in tasteful Swedish furnishings. I already picked out the new dining room table and chairs, and some new book cases to replace my tired sagging ones, and a new recliner/rocker and then after that, I get rid of all of my ornery old pots and pans and replace them with tastefully Swedish designed ones... and oh, my dishes! After seeing the (modestly priced but tasteful) dishes at Ikea, I want to smash all my dishes against the back of the fireplace and start over from scratch...

But I managed to escape with a queen sized sheet set (400 thread count! Woot! This penguin is in the lap of luxury!), a cutting board, some cork pot pads, and a set of large glass tumblers to replace the plastic tumblers that I've had hanging around since my dorm room days...

- Badtux the Poorer Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 5/20/2006 09:33:00 PM  


Ha, you aren't joking. Ikea came to town and we immediately started purchasing the cheap white bookcases, which we desperately needed. And they're great. And our pots are now hanging from our walls and no longer sitting on the stove and we have a kitchen cart to make up for no counter space and we even got a package of their cinnamon buns which surprised me by being really good.

Marty says they're evil. "Feel the evil," he says. So we're walking through there last Sunday (going to get the cart) and I'm googly-eyed and H.o.p. is dancing around me saying, "Feel the evil, feel the evil!"
# posted by idyllopus : 21/5/06 4:10 AM  

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