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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Dead Kitten Poll

August J. Pollack over at XOverboard is running the Dead Kitten Survey, a survey based around his Kitten-Off cartoon which goes something along these lines: Would Bush supporters quit supporting Bush if he was killing kittens with a hammer?

I asked this question of the local right-wing Bush supporter. He said "I couldn't support Bush if he was doing that. Now, if he was killing liberals with a hammer...". So I persisted. "What if it was necessary to prevent terrorism?" And he said "I'd need proof of that. I wouldn't just take his word for it."

So I guess Bush supporters DO have a limit to their support for Bush -- even if it is pretty far out there. Killing liberals with a hammer is okay with them. Killing kittens... well, they'd have to think about that.

- Badtux the somewhat-amused Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 1/24/2006 12:03:00 PM  


Nice to see your neighbor values cat life more than human life. Ah well...
# posted by TheGreenKnight : 24/1/06 1:18 PM  

Ah, but the right wing doesn't view liberals as being human. They're just vermin, two-legged rats, to be exterminated.

Right-wing eliminationism is not new. In the Latin American banana republics that the Busheviks are modeling their New USA after, right-wing death squads are a fact of life, like rain and the sea. The Busheviks and their supporters aren't going to be happy until we have right-wing death squads beavering away here in the good ole' USA either.

-- Badtux the Banana Republic Penguin
# posted by BadTux : 24/1/06 2:24 PM  

Just wait until we start to run out of oil and the US has tens of millions in excess population that can't be fed anymore. Then you'll see the death squads out and about. Best get acquainted with subsistence farming now. That or cannibalism.
# posted by Aaron : 24/1/06 7:12 PM  

I'm acquainted with subsistence farming, much the same way that I'm acquainted with the fat ugly third cousin on my mother's side of the family, you know the one, 22 years old, got all the brains of a cow, and weighs about the same as one too? I'm acquainted with it, but want to be intimately involved in it about as much as I want to be intimately involved with said third cousin -- i.e., not at all.

Subsistence farming is *hard*.

- Badtux the Farmer Penguin
# posted by BadTux : 24/1/06 7:23 PM  

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