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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Blaming the victims

One of the most disgusting things that I see on the right blogosphere is their desire and willingness to blame the victims. First they blamed the victims for not evacuating. Then, once it was pointed out that the victims had no cars to evacuate with, Mayor Ray Nagin comes under fire for not commandeering 450 school busses in the New Orleans Parish School Board's bus yard to use for the evacuation of the poor areas of New Orleans prior to the hurricane. First, Mayor Nagin didn't even know the busses were there... the School Board is not under his jurisdiction. Secondly, 450 school busses capable of hauling 50 people apiece would have saved a whole 22,500 people -- or less than 1/5th of the 125,000+ left stranded in New Orleans. Under the 'contraflow' policy used to speed the evacuation, all lanes back into New Orleans were barricaded and both directions of all highways were used to speed the exodus of private vehicles towards Baton Rouge and high ground. So the busses could have been used for one trip, then there was no way to get them back into New Orleans before hurricane hit and everything went underwater. Finally, it is FEMA's job to handle coordination between the various local agencies such as the Levee Board, School District, and Mayor's Office. I.e., it was FEMA's job to notice the school busses, and tell the school district to put them into play. It wasn't the Mayor's job. Why should the Mayor be criticized for not doing FEMA's job? And finally, they blamed the victims for the fact that a few knuckle-heads took pot-shots at aid flights, saying that was why no aid got to the victims for *FOUR DAYS*. WTF? We can fly fuckin aid flights into Baghdad Airport when the jihadis are firing fuckin' SURFACE TO AIR MISSILES at our flights, and we're gonna let a few knuckle-heads armed with .22 rifles looted from Wal-Mart stop military choppers from flying in much-needed food and water?!

But no facts are necessary when the hate-filled son of a bitch BASTARD right-wing asshole pathetic excuses for slime molds that fill and similar right-wing hate sites are in town.

Excuse me, let me rephrase that, I'm slandering slime molds. Okay, how's this: you hate-filled screeching shit-flinging CHIMPANZEES, you aren't human. You're less than human, with your pathetic hate-filled screeds about how all the niggers in New Orleans should be fire-bombed and your incessent screeching and howling and throwing of feces against all who are not part of your stupid tribe of hairless apes and your ridiculous allegiance to your mangy moron alpha male who hasn't the brains of a fuckin' chimpanzee even. You aren't fucking human, you're just a pack of fucking MONKEYS pretending to be human, and you ought to all be shot as the dangerous animals that you are. Luckily for you, those of us who care about our fellow human beings are too humane to do this to you. But you aren't human, and you should just stop pretending to be and go back to circle jerking off to your picture of Dear Leader and let those of us who give a shit about our fellow human being do our job, you fucking shit-for-brain bastards. I hope to God there is a Hell. I hope there is. Because if there is, you will be burning in the deepest furthest depths of Hell. Bastards. Goddam fucking monkey BASTARDS. Shit.

- Badtux the Irate Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 9/03/2005 04:45:00 PM  


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