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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pot, here is Kettle

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld warns the new Iraqi government about corruption, saying that it destroys trust in government and results in bloated and inefficient government.

Presumably this is the voice of experience speaking. What next, Ken Lay to start giving seminars on business ethics at Harvard Business School? Martha Stewart give talks about how to make money in the stock market? The Ghost of Richard Nixon enlisted to give stern warnings about fair and ethical campaigning? George W. Bush enlisted to teach noocleer physics at Stanford University? John Bolton to now give seminars on how the United Nations is our friends? Curious penguins want to know!

- Badtux the Curious Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 4/12/2005 12:04:00 AM  


Wow! Nicely prhased, Aldous Tuxley! We need someone like you and your flippered self!Please consider becoming a member of the President's iPOD Commission.
Our Mission Statement is iPod, Therefore I Am TM.

You can make a difference!
# posted by The Heretik : 12/4/05 5:03 PM  

Well, you have to admit that Donald Rumsfeld knows a thing or two about corruption. When you look at that pinched face, the face of a man who needs tweezers to have a bowel movement, you know that the corruption of the flesh set in already with him, an inner corruption that reflects the outer, more common type.
# posted by DBK : 13/4/05 5:29 AM  

I heard that Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson will be conducting an interfaith seminar on religious tolerance.

Rummy ain't no dummy!
# posted by agitprop : 13/4/05 6:40 AM  

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