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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Let's Party like it's 1399!!

3Martini notes that a Red State America is doomed. It is already the case that Red State America avoids mass starvation only because of massive income transfers from the wealthier states on the coasts. Those massive thefts of money from the innovative creative states in order to prop up failures is destroying the wealthier states too, though. If California had every bit of money that the Federal government is stealing from it in order to prop up failed states like Kansas and Mississippi, California would have no budget deficit, and would be able to fund its schools the way it used to back in the days before the federal government started stealing California's wealth in order to prop up a bunch of inbred losers and cretins in the failure Red States.

But that's no longer possible, and it's killing the engines of American innovation. The fact is that California, and New York, and Massachusetts, and every other state filled with creative and innovative people are being sucked dry to prop up a bunch of ignorant cretins who think evolution is a conjecture rather than a fact, science is evil, the Bible is the only book you need, Harry Potter is a plot to corrupt America's youth, Twinky Winky the Teletubby and Spongebob Squarepants have hot gay sex in their hot tub, and the Bible should be the law of the land.

And it's only going to get worse, as the rot of ignorance slowly seeps outward from the rot at the heart of America. It is only a matter of time before things on the West Coast and Northeast collapse the way they did between the coasts. You cannot maintain a high tech economy when 3/4ths of the nation is an economic basket case producing nothing of any economic value other than a few agriproducts and relying on welfare handouts from the wealthy states to avoid mass starvation (look at the statistics at how much money the state of Mississippi gets from the U.S. government vs. how much in taxes it pays, for example - it gets back $1.83 from the U.S. government for every $1 in taxes it sends to D.C.). As the rot at the core of America continues to spread outwards, it WILL eventually hit the coasts. The only winner here will be Wal-mart -- because that's the only store that the New America will be able to afford to shop at.

The end result is going to be a failed nation similar to the majority of states in the Middle East, full of suspicious and violent religious nutcases who are anti-science and shun creativity and innovation. What to do? There ain't a goddamn thing we *can* do as long as we're part of the United States. The bastards are the majority now, and they're ready to party like it's 1399. About the only thing we in the innovative prosperous states could do would be to secede and let those bastards rot in their ignorance and hate.

Unfortunately, I find that people here don't see the threat yet -- they live in an enclave of sanity and tolerance, and have no inkling, no clue of the insanity and evil that has become Heartland America. But as an exile from a decrepit trailer park state full of losers and old people, I saw that insanity and evil, in its full Bible-thumping banality, up close and personal... and I tell you, those bastards are not only utterly delusional insane MF's, they're fuckin' EVIL, they don't view anybody who is not part of their own Bible-thumping cult religions as being human beings, and they're going to destroy anything and everything that ever made America great and there isn't a damned thing we can do about it except cut them off from the welfare teat and let them turn their own states into the theocratic hell-holes that they really desire.

The exiles alone -- every creative innovative person who is currently in places like Austin or Atlanta, but who would flee if a Taliban-style theocracy was imposed the way the evil religious nutcases want -- would give the innovative states such a boost that we could give the big F-U to the American Taliban. Screw'em. Let them get on with their wife-beating gay-killing dark-skinned-person-hating ways without us enabling them like a wife making excuses for an abusive husband.

So let the bastards party like it's 1399. Why should we who have brains and creativity, who left those evil bastards behind because we recognized the rot at the heart of Middle America and it disgusted us, prop them up? I say secession is the only way -- the ONLY way -- that the most creative and innovative people ever to walk this Earth can continue their creative ways. Let the ignorant bastards rot in their own hate and ignorance. Feh.

- Badtux the Exiled Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 3/23/2005 10:12:00 PM  


"The end result is going to be a failed nation similar to the majority of states in the Middle East, full of suspicious and violent religious nutcases who are anti-science and shun creativity and innovation."
Jeez (pardon the expression)! With all the yammering reverends and militias in the Red States, I more than half-figured they were already just that. After all, wasn't this the region that produced the Oklahoma City bombers? Ooops! 'Patriots' can't really be terrorists, can they? More like "freedom fighters," they are. After all, if we could just get rid of that pesky "equal protections" article, the amendment guaranteeing freedom of religion would insure every American's right to oppress his fellows.
# posted by Anonymous : 24/3/05 3:06 PM  

As far as rants go, yours fit the bill perfectly, but if you were actually trying to convince a moderate that this country is in serious trouble... I think you failed miserably.

By the way, the midwest happens to produce much of our food, so I think saying they're worthless... is a little incorrect. Just because they don't make circuit boards and write software doesn't mean they're non-productive.

It's also ironic that you say "wife-beating gay-killing dark-skinned-person-hating ways" as you yourself call them the American Taliban. Consider practicing the tolerance that you're supposedly in support of, even if it's just basic manners. Otherwise, everything you say will fall on deaf ears, and you will have accomplished absolutely nothing besides vent and whine.
# posted by PrezKennedy : 30/3/05 1:19 AM  

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