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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What is torture?

Here is the definition of torture in Russian law:

For the purposes of this Article and other Articles of the Code torture shall be defined as infliction of physical and moral suffering aimed at coercing an individual into giving evidence or committing other acts against his will, as a punishment and for other purposes.

In other words, any kind of deliberate causation of suffering in order to obtain a confession is defined as torture in Russian law.

Here is the definition of torture in American law:


Hmm.... okay, so let's see, here's the definition of torture according to the U.S. Supreme Court...


Well poot! So let's look at the definition of torture as explained by Attorney General Select Abu Gonzales:

"...for an act to constitute torture... it must inflict pain that is difficult to endure. Physical pain amounting to torture must be equivalent in intensity to the pain accompanying serious physical injury, such as organ failure, impairement of bodily function, or even death."

Yessirree, here we are at that moral high ground again!

In the past I've derided Russia as a thugocracy. The recent contratempts regarding the Yukos oil company, where head thug Vladmir Putin stole most of the assets of the company from one group of thugs at gunpoint and gave them to another group of thugs (a group that happened to be supporters of his) pretty much is a case in point.

But if Russia is a thugocracy... what is the United States?

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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