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Monday, March 12, 2007

"We called it Hurricane FEMA"

It turns out FEMA lied about conditions in a FEMA trailer park near New Orleans that they evacuated precipitously. They had told the press that they evacuated the park because of raw sewage and power outages. But it turns out that the reality was different: They decided to pack up and leave because of a contract dispute with the owner of the park.

Meanwhile, residents of FEMA parks have been given until August to find new housing. There is no new housing in the New Orleans area -- indeed, there has been a total of six hundred reconstruction grants given out thus far, far fewer than needed to rebuild the housing of the New Orleans area that was destroyed by Katrina -- so where do these people go? Well, they get ethnically cleansed to elsewhere, of course, since they are predominantly brown. How dare those nasty mud people expect the government to rebuild housing that was destroyed due to government incompetence! Why, next thing you know, they'll be expecting government to, like, provide fire and crime protection!

But of course they're just unseemly mud people, so nobody gives a shit...

Finally: Congratulations to St. Bernard Parish school superintendent Doris Voitier for winning the 2007 JFK Profiles in Courage Award for her actions in re-opening the St. Bernard Parish schools only months after Katrina hit. Thus far she's not in jail, despite her prediction that she would be. But I'm sure FEMA is working on that. Given the pace that FEMA works, though, I suspect Doris will die of old age first...

-- Badtux the "Racism? In America?" Penguin

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