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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nightmare #25927

One of the issues the Republican crime syndicate faces is that they lose their magic Get Out Of Jail Free Card on January 20, 2009, when George W. Bush hands over the keys of his office to Hillary Clinton and a Democratic congress can then throw the whole lot of them in jail without them getting pardoned by Gee Dubya.

Which brings up the odd habit that Democratic candidates have of dying in suspicious plane crashes. Now, as we all know, George W. Bush is actually just the front man for the crime family currently running the United States. The "face", so to speak, of the con worked against the American people. Dick Cheney wears the pants in that family. So replacing him with another "face" in 2008 who is capable of working that Get Out Of Jail Free thingy would be just fine with them. Right now, it looks like that actor dude with the 20-year-younger wife who likes displaying her melons, since the other candidates are flaming out (they just don't have the right acting credits to be the face for the con). But really, it doesn't matter. Whoever it is, the crime syndicate will be working his levers.

Problem is, he's going to lose the election. Unless... unless Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Bill Richardson, die in yet another of the suspicious plane crashes that have killed or simply "disappeared"so many Democratic candidates over the decades.

Then the question becomes: what happens if the Democratic candidates die between getting the nomination, and election day? Does that mean we get the kind of election that Saddam Hussein liked to hold, where there was only one real candidate on the ballot -- Saddam? Except in this case, we get Fred Thompson or Julie Annie as our one and only candidate?

Whoever wins the Democratic nomination, I suggest that they don't fly after the nominating convention. Or drive, if driving in anything less than an armored infantry fighting vehicle with their own private security to protect the candidate from the Secret Service. Because the Rethuglicans really are starting to get worried about losing their Get Out Of Jail Free card... and one way the Party in corrupt thugocracies have always dealt with their political opponents is to see their opponents die in suspicious "accidents".

-- Badtux the Worried Penguin

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Posted by: BadTux / 7/25/2007 10:40:00 PM  


You seriously think there is going to be another election..........

Bush will declare, in this state of emergency we are currently under with the terrorists threat, that he must remain in power until the emergency is over.

And since his "war on terror" is actually spreading terror, the emergency will never go away......

worried over here, also
# posted by niCk (Mem Beth) : 26/7/07 6:43 AM  

Nick, Bush is just the "face" man of the Republican con gang. What is important to the Republican crime syndicate is not that Bush remain in power but, rather, that one of their own remain in power. Declaring a state of emergency and keeping BUsh in power might cause some disturbance amongst the sheeple because it's hard to hide that something unusual has happened. That is why, as with Bush's counterpart Putin over in Russia ("I looked into his eyes and saw... a KGB agent"), I believe that he will actually step down at the end of his term. Having a particular "face" in the office isn't necessary, he isn't the guy who runs the crime syndicate, or if he is (in the case of Putin and the KGB crime syndicate that runs Russia), he can rule just as well with one of his own puppets in office while working the strings from behind the scenes.

That said, it does seem suspicious that over the past ten years, an unusual number of Democratic candidates have died in plane "crashes" without a correspondingly large number of Republican candidates similarly dying... naw, just a conspiracy theory, can't be the Republicans acting like a typical Mafia crime family and whacking members of the opposition :-). But anybody who says that an "accident" on the part of a Democratic candidate was actually a whack by the Republican crime syndicate automatically gets dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and the sheeple remain undisturbed, which is important because upset sheep are hard to fleece. So it goes.

- Badtux the Conspiracy Penguin
# posted by BadTux : 26/7/07 9:10 AM  

I blogged about something similar a couple years ago. Not just Dem's, but anyone the Rethugs consider a threat suddenly has an 'accident'.

There have been a lot of strangely coincidental 'accidents' over the years.
# posted by Kryten42 : 28/7/07 8:49 PM  

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