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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gay Agenda sighted on cable!

Uh-oh. That mighty supervillain The Gay Agenda apparently now has his own television show, where he can shoot innocent young children with his Gay Ray of Gayness and, like, turn them all gay! Oh the horror! America is doomed, doomed I say, because the next generation will only gay-marry instead of fornicating with men, women, and sheep like God intended. We must immediately round up torches and start killing people, because as Jesus said in Luke 10:25, "Kill all the motherfuckers, yo."

In other news, Canada has had gay marriage for almost two years now and hasn't yet slid into the sea. Man-on-dog sex still hasn't been legalized in Canada (sorry, Senator Santorum!), and men are still not marrying their box turtles in Canada (sorry, Senator Cornyn). BOR-ing. C'mon, I wanted to see all that fire and brimstone and the disintegration of Canadian civilization and stuff like the tighty righties predicted! This business of Canadians simply going about their lives as if gay marriage actually didn't mean the end of civilization is... dull! I know, I know, those polite Canadians are just looking around puzzled and saying "Eh?", but you tighty righties said there'd be some fireworks. Sheesh!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


Posted by: BadTux / 4/22/2007 09:36:00 AM  


"...because as Jesus said in Luke 10:25, "Kill all the motherfuckers, yo.""

LOL!! I must admit, I've never heard the parable of the Good Samaritan interpreted that way.
# posted by Phydeaux Speaks : 22/4/07 7:35 PM  

Oh, and thanks for visitin' me site!
# posted by Phydeaux Speaks : 22/4/07 7:38 PM  

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