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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

General Pace clarifies morality for us

So, war is not immoral, lack of health care is not immoral, sending people to war who do not have adequate training or equipment is not immoral, sending sick and crippled soldiers back into battle is not immoral, having over 10% of new recruits being convicted criminals is not immoral, no, none of that is immoral. What is immoral is... guys who like guys or gals who like gals.

Seriously. That's what the General said! And not even Jesus's General -- we're talking about the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the big kahuna of generals.

Thank you, General Pace, for protecting us from that evil supervillain The Gay Agenda. I mean, do we *really* want someone in our military who looks like this? No no, we obviously must protect our brave men and women in uniform from that evil supervillain The Gay Agenda, because if we don't, he'll KILL THEM ALL with his rainbow-beamed Gay Ray Gun! After all, the real enemy of America isn't jihadis or terrorists or whatever. The real enemy of America is... err... gay people?

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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Posted by: BadTux / 3/13/2007 12:36:00 PM  


wow -- i keep wondering what would happen if christ really did come back..second coming and all -- boy will these religious rights be surprised at what he would
# posted by azgoddess : 13/3/07 2:17 PM  

Yet another instance in which this lifelong atheist finds himself fervently wishing for the existence of a Hell. Because if there is a Hell, all of these self-professed "Christians" are in for a nasty surprise when they die.
# posted by Gerald Fnord : 13/3/07 2:40 PM  

I am pleased that the good general and his friends will take the time occasionally to address these grave moral issues. Their guidance is a necessity for me as I never seem to have the same listing of mortal sins that they do. I wouldn't want to fall into error out of ignorance.
# posted by K. Ron Silkwood : 13/3/07 4:04 PM  

Does this guy know about "Dirty" Matt Sanchez?
# posted by The Truffle : 13/3/07 7:15 PM  

I'm not sure what you are getting at with tying this gay thing in with the stupid wars thing.

Or that you understand that there are two different types of gays.

What would christ do? Tell all of you that you are a bunch of fucking idiots fighting over stupid things.

There won't be any second coming as described in any stupid fucking bibles. It just isn't going to happen.

Not that it matters, mankind is well on the way to destroying this planet anyway.

I'll be thankful to just being a bug again so that I have some peace and quite here.

Gerald....Don't sweat it, there is a hell, for them, not the confused.
# posted by BBC : 13/3/07 9:12 PM  

Ah, I didn't address the moral issue.

Well, nature favors straight and not gay. But nature allows some gay without making a big deal out of it.

Morals was invented by christians and other fucked up religions. So just get the fuck over it.

It's these fucked up religions that churn out more gays, think about it.
# posted by BBC : 13/3/07 9:17 PM  

I was going to leave a comment, but it started turning into a story.
# posted by NewsBlog 5000 : 14/3/07 4:33 AM  

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