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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What a loon

World Nut Daily reports that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that Iran's "two big missions are constructing the country and introducing a model for humanity."

Whoa! What a dangerous dude! Why, next thing you know, he could be sayin' that peace on earth and good will toward man are the two most important things around. Do you know what that would do to Carlysle Group and Halliburton profits?! (Shudder).

According to World Nut Daily, Crazy Mahmoud also says "The Zionist regime will be wiped out soon the same way the Soviet Union was, and humanity will achieve freedom."

That is *obviously* a call for the extermination of all the Jews of Israel via force of rams, just as the Soviet Union being wiped out resulted in the extermination of all the Soviets in the Soviet Union via force of arms. Genocide, genocide I say!

Meanwhile, back in Mississippi, there's a town that has a problem. Some of their local landlords are renting to (shudder) NIGGERS! And, get this... some of the local girls are going out on *dates* with these niggers! Local social service agencies say that they're giving counselling to these local girls and trying to get to root causes, because any girl who goes out with niggers obviously has some problems. These social service agencies are quick to say that they don't have a problem with niggers as a whole, it's just that the young ones are so violent, and landlords need to quit renting to them.

Oops, sorry, was the above shocking to you? The above paragraph is actually a summary of an article from an Israeli newspaper, with a few little strategic edits to disguise its origin. It's not a town in Mississippi. It's a town in Israel. And it's not African-Americans that they have a problem with. It's Arabs. The local rabbis in the town of Bnei Brak are circulating a petition calling for local landlords to quit renting to Arabs, because, of course, Arabs are just lazy and violent and have the sex drive of rabbits and are corrupting our good white Jewish girls (who are being counselled by local social service agencies because, of course, any good white Jewish girl who'd want to go out with one of those lazy and violent niggersArabs obviously has problems...).

You know the funny part? My paragraph substituting "Mississippi" may have been true 40 years ago, but nowdays Mississippi is far more racially tolerant than Israel. Progress. Slow progress, but progress.

Too bad other nations are going backwards at the same time. Maybe there's a law of conservation of bigotry that applies here. Less bigotry in country A means more bigotry in country B, and vice-versa. Hmm...

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 12/19/2006 03:46:00 PM  


Now you just need to prove there really, actually IS less bigotry in County A when compared to Country B - err, I mean Country I.
# posted by Lurch : 19/12/06 8:41 PM  

Law of conservation of bigotry! Heh!

# posted by Mixter : 20/12/06 4:09 AM  

Extreme conservatives.

Is there a difference whether the extremists are Israeli, Iranian, or American. The leaders of all those countries seem very much alike.

The racism in the U.S. is just not as apparent as it used to be, but it is still a big problem, its just been hushed. Come to Montgomery and I'll show you. Go to a public school, then go to the "Montgomery Academy" then tell me the first things you notice.

Eevn though I have a Jewish background, I disagree with the way Israel exists. By Force, seperated from the rest of the world, minority rule, very bigoted society with controls on who can vote for its leaders. And the U.S. supports the incredibly racist government.

Who are the evils ones again?
# posted by niCk (Mem Beth) : 20/12/06 6:13 AM  

Nick, I don't need to go to Montgomery to know there's still racism in the United States. My property manager back in Louisiana called me a few months back because one of my tenants' boyfriends wanted to move in with her.

"Does he use drugs?"
"Does he have a criminal record?"
"Does he have a bad rental history?"
"Is his family notorious?"
"Well, no, I know his gramma who raised him, and she's the sweetest old lady I ever met."
"So what's the problem?"
"He's BLACK!"
"Janice is WHITE! That just ain't right!"
I sighed and said "Add him to the lease", and that was that.

A while later I talked to the young man. A bit mischievous perhaps, but no harm in the youngster. I talked to my tenant, she was recovering from major heart surgery and the main reason she'd wanted her boyfriend to move in with her was to help her out with taking care of her. I also watched my tenant's half-black kid, around six or seven years old, tear around with the local kids. Her half-black kid from another black man. And her daddy was telling me, "I just don't know what happened. I thought I raised her better than this."

But forty years ago, there would have been shotguns and cross burnings and preachers fulminating from the pulpit and a lot of fuss and furor. Today, just old men wringing their hands while the youngsters (not all, but most) treat each other like human beings. Progress. Slow progress, but progress nontheless.

- Badtux the Landlord Penguin
# posted by BadTux : 20/12/06 7:59 AM  

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