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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Priorities, priorities...

I understand we had an election yester... oh look! Over there! It's a Britney Spears white trash divorce!

Hey, a penguin has to keep his priorities straight, right? I mean, c'mon. What's an election, when there's white trash to make fun of?!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 11/08/2006 11:06:00 PM  


CNN actually sent out a "breaking news" email about this. Breaking freakin' news? Who is that one person who cares?
# posted by pissed off patricia : 9/11/06 3:01 AM  

Well friend..... It's all about the love ya know. So is she free game now? Can I kiss her tits? I mean, if I wanted to that is.
# posted by BBC : 9/11/06 5:49 AM  

when i heard the news about britney and k-fed i was involved in a chat thing at shake's. as i usually do when stuff like this breaks in during conversation i said "i guess she got my letter."

i've been using that one to great effect since elizabeth taylor and eddie fisher.
# posted by The Minstrel Boy : 9/11/06 8:41 AM  

Err, well, neither the election nor the white trash break-up was really all that surprising even if I don't understand why that was bigger news than the election. Anyone could see that white trash with money and broke redneck white trash just wasn't going to work. As for the election, it seems to follow the usual pattern of human nature that if you become unhappy about something, you tend to go for the opposite end of the spectrum. Now Ole Rummy's resignation really was something of a surprise. Guess he's pouting about the election. Btw, Minstrel Boy, love the harp!
# posted by Sionnach, the Celtic Kitsune : 9/11/06 1:22 PM  

K-fed will continue his concert tour, won't he?
# posted by K. Ron Silkwood : 9/11/06 1:43 PM  

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