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Friday, October 27, 2006

A modest proposal for immigration reform

As pointed out, all a fence will do is raise the profits of ladder and shovel salesmen. The solution to the illegal immigration problem is obvious. Repeal the minimum wage law and the child labor laws, outlaw labor unions, and wait for wages to drop to 3rd world levels. After that, there’ll be no incentive for illegals to enter the US.

We can applaud Wal-Mart for its innovative attempt to implement this policy all on its own.

-- Newport 9

Posted by: BadTux / 10/27/2006 12:49:00 AM  


I understand that this is sarcasm almost at its finest. Yet, how very true it appears to be. When the immigration issue was all the rage in the news media, I proposed my own plan. To put it simply, we must make it easier for people to come here legally than illegally. I'm not saying we shouldn't attempt to secure our borders, but with the current backlogs that INS has, some going as far back as 15 years, you gotta wonder why people would try to do the right thing and file the appropriate paperwork to come here legally. The Republican stance that we should secure the borders first and fix the bureaucratic nightmare second is ridiculous. Cut through the red tape and eliminate the backlog first, streamline the citizenship process, offer a limited amnesty period for those here illegally to file the necessary forms, and THEN focus on security by beefing up the Border Patrol. You want to build a fence at that time, fine, just make sure it's funded and spans the entire length of our borders, both South and North. By eliminating the long wait times, you virtually eliminate the high number of illegals crossing the border. Of course, those that have the desire to break other laws besides violating our borders will continue to try to come here illegally. However, I believe that this is a relatively small number of the illegal immigrants.

Here's my original post: My Take on Immigration Reform
# posted by Bulldog : 27/10/06 7:59 AM  

I wholeheartedly back your proposal.
# posted by Comandante Agí : 27/10/06 10:20 AM  

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