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Monday, August 28, 2006

Bush Presidency by the numbers: 99.5% corrupt

From AP via ABC News:

One year after Katrina, large areas of New Orleans remain virtually uninhabitable with piles of debris and wrecked cars.

Only $117 million in at least $25 billion in federal aid has reached the city, while federal investigators determined that roughly $2 billion in taxpayer money was wasted in no-bid contracts and disaster aid to people who did not need the help.

Let's see, that's $25 billion in federal aid, $117 million actually got where it was needed, that means.... duh, 99.5% of the money went to Bush cronies as corruption and 0.5% of the money actually reached the people who needed it.

Yessiree, that's the Bush Presidency in a nutshell: 99.5% corrupt. I mean, even Imelda Marcos with her closets full of shoes wasn't *this* corrupt, this is beyond 3rd world levels of corruption, this is just an astounding level of corruption beyond any I've ever heard of anywhere. I think this surpasses even President Ullysses S. Grant's record for Presidential corruption. But US Grant had an excuse -- he spent most of his Presidency passed out drunk. Dear Leader has no such excuse. Or does he?!

-- Badtux the "Can we call him corrupt, now?" Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 8/28/2006 02:24:00 PM  


Sure, I was calling him corrupt before he ever became Pres-nut
# posted by BBC : 28/8/06 4:38 PM  

So you're saying the Presidency is .5% honest. Really, that much. That's higher then I would've guessed.
# posted by niCk (Mem Beth) : 28/8/06 4:58 PM  

Well, Nick, nobody's perfect. Even when it comes to being a corrupt wanna-be dictator. :-).

# posted by BadTux : 28/8/06 5:26 PM  

I was calling Bush corrupt before most people knew who he was. About 2 months into his presidency, I think.
# posted by NewsBlog 5000 : 28/8/06 6:31 PM  

i can tolerate good old fashioned "honest graft" ala Boss Tweed, or Richard J. Daley. At least they understood that for a political machine to endure they had to work. Under the Boss, if you had a problem you went to your "ward heeler" and your problem was handled. Under Daley,
Chicago worked. The blind looting that goes on without even a thin veneer of competance to shield it amazes and disgusts me. The old school southern populists like the longs would be disgusted too.
# posted by The Minstrel Boy : 29/8/06 9:09 AM  

BT, you might find this Bush Resume' very interesting. Scary, when it's all compiled together.
# posted by niCk (Mem Beth) : 29/8/06 10:34 AM  

Is this real?
# posted by Toad734 : 29/8/06 10:58 AM  

the dollar amounts of 117m getting to the people in need of the 25b and 2b being a complete waste??? Yes, according to several news reports, it is true.
# posted by Anonymous : 29/8/06 2:33 PM  

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