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Sunday, July 09, 2006

We're Ma Bell. We don't care 'cuz we don't have to.

I'm beginning to think that Sprint got most of AT&T Wireless's customer service "managers" (for those of you wondering, ATTW was famous for multi-hour wait times and *never* getting things right). T-Immobile, which couldn't give me a reliable signal, is now history. Now I get to deal with Splint and their 1960's notion of "customer service", which apparently consists of, "we'll answer calls during banker's hours and promise the world while delivering only tiny improvements."

Seems the idiot order taker (who was staring at my T-Immobile bill while entering my name and address info) left out my middle initial, and when T-Immobile's number hit Splint's systems, they spit out the number reassignment because the names didn't exactly match, meaning that a customer service representative then went in and cancelled the old order and re-entered it by hand, except she re-entered it *wrong*. Now all of Splint's systems are out of sync -- the web management thingy doesn't know about me, the Vision thingy doesn't know about me, I finally got the tethered DUN working after a technician turned it back on because apparently the CSR who re-keypunched my order didn't bring it over from the original order, and apparently there is a battle over what my sprintpcs EMAIL name is supposed to be also. Gah. What a mess.

This has all been complicated by the fact that Splint's "customer service" is only open for limited hours. They make a change, and then tell me it will take two hours for the change to be effective. So I wait two hours, it doesn't work, I call them again, and they make another change and say wait two hours. Well, after eight hours of this, all of Sprint's customer service people *GO HOME!*. I work Silicon Valley hours, and frankly haven't run into a shop that didn't provide 24/7 support in years... look, my employer provides 24/7 support even though we have maybe 100 employees total, and it's just the *standard* for technical support in today's modern high technology industry. But I guess Splint still is stuck in 1960... I wonder if they hired the old AT&T Wireless people to run their IT systems and customer support department?

-- Badtux the Somewhat-Wireless Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 7/09/2006 08:52:00 PM  


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