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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Republican culture of corruption

Why am I *NOT* surprised that the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development admits that he punished a potential contractor for not liking Bush, in violation of the law that says that contract bids must be granted to the lowest credible bidder with the capacity to perform.

That's the way this whole administration has acted from day one. Looking at the Katrina mess, for example. Who got those contracts -- the South Louisiana businesses that had a workforce already there, who knew the area, who knew how to do things on the cheap because Louisiana is so poor that doing things on the cheap is the only way to get by? Or some bloated Bush campaign contributor who charges ten times the price of the South Louisiana contractors in order to haul in subcontractors from out of state? Doh, the Bush campaign contributor, of course! Duh. Was there any question? If there is a corrupt way to do things, the Republicans will find a way to do it in an even more corrupt way. Doh. Republican culture of corruption. These guys never met a trough they didn't want to feed at...

-- Badtux the Unastonished Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 5/11/2006 03:43:00 PM  


Indeed, Dear Leader and his minions shall reward contractors who sing their praises, and shall instruct workers at the Department of Agriculture to work pro-Iraq War talking points into their presentations whenever possible. It is all for the greater glory of Our Leader Who Art In Office. He is the font from which all goodness and light spring. Glory!
# posted by Pope Horatio Tyrannosaurus Nixon Rex : 11/5/06 4:41 PM  

It's not just the feds:

# posted by Anonymous : 12/5/06 7:29 AM  

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