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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Ides of May

Today, I managed to use my T-Mobile MDA as a GPRS/EDGE modem for my laptop. I could only get the USB working, not the Bluetooth, but oh well. Windows XP Bluetooth support sucks big time, in case you haven't heard. They re-wrote the sucky Windows 2000 wireless support and finally got wireless working right on Windows XP, but Bluetooth sucks, sucks, sucks. (And why don't I run Linux on my laptop, you ask? Well, like I said, wireless works right on Windows XP... while on Linux it sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks almost as bad as Bluetooth sucks, sucks, sucks on Windows XP). T-Mobile's GPRS/EDGE is not going to win any speed demon awards, but I did manage 128kbaud speed on my informal test of a file transfer -- about the same as low-end DSL -- so it's clear that it's fast enough to use on the road.

I finished a new ending for The Fixer with a couple of additional scenes needed to make more sense, and am starting a read-through for obvious errors. There is going to have to be major work done in the middle. The pacing is all wrong. It needs to get stretched out and there needs to be some drudge work done. I can fix some of the plotholes at the same time (and I've noticed quite a few plotholes, some of which are easily patched, some of which will need some major construction to fix).

I am looking for a new apartment. They are raising the rent on my current apartment by $200 per month. I'm strongly considering selling my motorcycle so that I can move to an apartment complex closer to mass transit (parking is an issue with those downtown apartment complexes, usually you only get one spot). The fact of the matter is that with depreciation, it's costing me over $200/month to ride my motorcycle, while I would spend only $100/month on gas to drive my car instead. It just doesn't make financial sense. Sure, the motorcycle gets 45mpg while the car gets 17mpg (the way I drive -- okay, so I like pressing down on the gas pedal!). But I need the car anyhow to go shopping, so I can't do away with the car. So the best thing I can think of would be to get a downtown apartment near the Caltrain. It's only 15 minutes via Caltrain from downtown San Jose to downtown Mountain View -- faster than I can drive it! -- and the cost of gas is such that Caltrain is now half the price of driving it. The free employee shuttle from downtown Mountain View to my place of employment is keyed to the Caltrain arrival time so there's no wait there -- step off the train, step onto the shuttle bus, and within 5 minutes I'm being dropped off in front of the office. And with my GPRS now working I can browse the Internet on the train during those 15 minutes -- try *that* in your gas hog SUV!

And finally, three events happen during May. Memorial Day. My birthday (I'm going to be about 450 years old in penguin years). And Mother's Day. All three have plans. So I'm going to be one busy penguin, between apartment hunting, selling my motorcycle, downsizing my life a bit, and planning for all those special events. And oh, I even *work* for a living sometimes too :)

Anyhow, that's today's status update. Now you know why I've been less than responsive lately. I'll try to EMAIL out a copy of the novel to the guy who requested it (you know who you are), but since it's currently in a state of flux, it may be a week or two. Or three. Or... anyhow...

- Badtux the Busy Penguin

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Dunno if you got it, but I emailed you at badtux (at) last week about a poem I wrote based on your quote, "In a time of chimpanzees, I was a penguin." I guessed at that address, because badtuxnospan@... bounced. Is there another way to email you?

# posted by Shanna : 4/5/06 8:12 AM  

Uh, I mean badtuxnoSPAM of course. LOL
# posted by Shanna : 4/5/06 8:17 AM  

They are raising the rent on my current apartment by $200 per month.

That's a huge raise, all of a sudden! OUCH! I can see why you want to move.

Re: Getting the T-Moble and GPRS to work is awesome. I wish I knew more about what to get and how to work it, to do the same!
# posted by oldwhitelady : 5/5/06 2:48 PM  

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