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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Every Child Left Behind

So the No Child Left Behind law puts a bunch of unfunded mandates upon school districts? Congress has a solution -- cut education funding!.

After all, why spend money on education, when you can spend money on arresting 8 year old boys and charging them with murder. Not a dime for education, and billions for jails! Yessiree, that's the New American Way -- Prison State USA!.

I mean, c'mon. What would those poor kids do with education anyhow? Why, their children might even compete with our children for those precious spots at Hah-vahd or Yale if we edumacated them! No sirree, we gotta keep'em in their place. Those pesky peasants complain they don't have any bread? Why, let them eat cake!.

-- Badtux the Republican Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 5/23/2006 11:47:00 AM  


Silly Badtux.
We can't possibly waste money on funding education.
It's obviously more important to protect us from the threat of 30 year-old Hoffa remains under a bunch of composted manure.
# posted by Cornfield Jane : 23/5/06 2:32 PM  

Seriously, the hard right christianistas have been trying to destroy the public schools for at least a generation: if there are no public schools (those nasty secular bastions of anarchy and atheism), then everyone will be forced to send their kids to religious schools. Was it the Pope that said "give me a child's mind until they're 12yo, and they will be mine for life"
# posted by SB Gypsy : 25/5/06 1:43 PM  

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