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Friday, February 10, 2006

Why there is no political debate in America

And I hear you say, "But what about all those political shows on CNN and such where lefties and righties scream at each other?"

That's not a debate. That's just a couple of jerks trying to score points in some obscene game they're playing with themselves. That's just a couple of participants in a massive inside-the-beltway circle jerk spewing jizzum upon the body politic.

A debate is an attempt at finding truth. A debate is an attempt at discovering reality. A debate is an attempt to find the best way of going forward as a nation once we figure out what's true and what's real. The obscene circle-jerk that passes as political discourse in America is not debate. It is the complete opposite of debate -- it is a circus of lies piled chin-high by lying liars in an attempt to score points with the public in some obscene game of "See, I can fool the public better than you can!".

Bushbots aren't interested in truth. They're only interested in scoring points in some obscene game that they're playing. That is why Bushbots and their ilk resolutely avoid reality in favor of talking points handed down by their Party commissars on Hate Radio and Faux News. By veering away from reality and drowning us in lies, the Bushbots and fellow circle-jerkers prove themselves to hate America. Because a real American, concerned for America and Americans, would be trying to figure out what's true and what's real and talking with fellow Americans to decide what's best for America, rather than instead reciting talking points and spreading lies as part of some obscene game of political upmanship. Reality is not a game. Life is not a game. And by pretending that it is, the circle-jerkers prove that they care more about their stupid games than about America.

- Badtux the Reality-based Penguin

Case in point: By the time the U.S. invaded Iraq, Hans Blix had rather convincingly shown that Iraq had no working WMD and no industrial infrastructure for creating them, and was mostly engaged in tracking down and accounting for materials that at some time in the future could be used to make WMD if Saddam ever rebuilt his infrastructure. Bushbots write Hans Blix out of their histories of the Iraq war, instead quoting liars out to score political points as their "proof" that "everybody" thought Saddam had WMD when Bush invaded...

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