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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

That nasty "H" word

Due to events outside of the blogosphere, I may need to take a hiatus for a month or two. We'll see. At the moment I'm having trouble concentrating on anything dealing with blogs or politics or humor.

- Badtux the Unsnarky Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 2/15/2006 09:39:00 PM  


I'll miss your commentary.

Pablo ChocolateBar
# posted by Anonymous : 16/2/06 7:14 AM  

I need my daily Badtux wisdom, how will I be able to think woth you on i8us.
# posted by niCk (Mem Beth) : 16/2/06 9:01 AM  

# posted by Ole Blue The Heretic : 16/2/06 11:54 AM  

Hope things work out for you soon.
# posted by TheGreenKnight : 16/2/06 12:30 PM  

Please don't go away for good, I enjoy learning from you.
# posted by Debra : 16/2/06 2:17 PM  

Hi ya BadTux,

Sorry to see you're checking out - 'specially since I just checked in (like, 5 mins ago) and have enjoyed, if ever so briefly, what I have read of your blog!

I actually stumbled upon you from doing a 'Google' search on Kristy McNichol, to which you had previously provided a comprehensive, succinct and astute appraisal of her life - ref: your blog dated 30 Jan 05. Upon finishing it, I couldn't help but thinking that, perhaps, Kristy, herself, might find some solace (support, empathy - don't know the right word, but maybe 'faith in her fellow human beings') if she actually had the opportunity to read your words and, hence, find myself (a Kiwi), at 0135 AM (in Scotland), writing this odd diatribe in response to your post.

Over the last 30 hours I had traveled one of those bizarre sort-of 'retro-memory paths' that can be fuelled to virtual physical exhaustion by the likes of Google or Wikipedia regarding Kristy – as often exacerbated in this frenetic 21st century, with its plethora of information and the instant cerebral gratification that is available online, on any-subject, any-time, any–hour of any-day!

Frustratingly, after numerous aimless searches (I did some other things with my life today too, not being completely obsessive… hmmm, didn’t think I was until right now anyway) I just could not, for the life of me, find much info online about her (rightly so perhaps i.e. my logic, vice a long-lost 70’s childish crush, suggested that the lady should be left to her own peace now) so having read your words, I felt somewhat more at ease about what happened to her after those halcyon 70's days (of course, more at ease in finding some answers about her whilst, naturally, sad for her in her own personal plight) and can now put the subject to bed (and not to mention myself now as well).

So, again, in tandem with the similar vein of comments from other visitors - I wish you well, and thank you for crafting such a well-written appraisal of her life and hope all is OK with you - whoever you are… from whoever I am…

Please, take care, you seem to have lots of friends who enjoy and want to hear from you, from what I’ve seen on this blog / comments (if that is of any solace to you in what is happening in your own life)…

p.s. On one last completely irrelevant tangent, I don't really understand your penguin fetish regarding this blog (is it Linux related, I wonder? I know, I should read some more of your blogs and the answer would probably become more apparent) I'm a bit of an Otter fan personally (for some inexplicable reason) and have an ongoing selection of jokes & quirky facts on all sorts of polar animals. One, which is quite obvious if you know the answer, is to query folk "why don't polar bears eat Penguins?” You'd have to think they are a perfect bite-sized snack for a polar bear... aren’t they…!

p.p.s I’ll tell you a funny (real life) story about penguins relating to the Royal New Zealand Air Force and their annual Penguin count in Antarctica if you ask or blog again… 
# posted by Captain Fargon : 16/2/06 5:55 PM  

Hope everything works out, BadTux.
# posted by kc : 16/2/06 8:57 PM  

Ah, shit.

Well, there's much, much more to life than Blogtopia. You do what you have to do, BT. Hope things work out.

Til further on...
# posted by Mimus Pauly : 17/2/06 1:23 AM  

Hope everything works out for ya, BT.
# posted by Fixer : 17/2/06 2:32 AM  

I believe I'm local to you, if you I can help in anyway, please let me know.
# posted by Debra : 17/2/06 6:33 AM  

Hang in there and we'll be hoping for things to work out the way you wish.
# posted by pissed off patricia : 17/2/06 8:14 AM  

Come back, Shane. COME BACK!
# posted by Lab Kat : 17/2/06 8:58 AM  

Will be watching... and waiting... perhaps, you won't need that long? Hoping things work out okay.
# posted by oldwhitelady : 18/2/06 4:04 AM  

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