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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Evil lurks

No, I don't have cancer, and I've not been kidnapped and flown to Gitmo. I thank everyone for their kind words below, but documenting the sickness at the heart of America has affected too many other parts of my life. My iceberg has hit troubled waters and is taking on water and I'm bailing with both flippers. So I'm going to discontinue my newspaper subscription, quit reading blogs, and try to get my own life back in order for the next little bit.

And perhaps that is why so many people refuse to follow what's happening to America and instead live in a little happy-happy la la world of their own even though life is getting a little harder and meaner and poorer for most folks every year -- because it's hard to maintain your sanity if you pay attention to what's happening in these insane times.

- Badtux the "Hold on, boys, rough water ahead!" Penguin

Postscript: Bailing delayed due to CatTux sleeping on chest for two hours after I took an after-lunch nap. Happiness is a warm cat on a cold and rainy day.

Posted by: BadTux / 2/18/2006 09:18:00 AM  


because it's hard to maintain your sanity if you pay attention to what's happening in these insane times.

Aint that the truth..

Kitty, sleeping on the couch with me, just had a 'fighting' dream.. least ways, I think it was fighting.. It was funny listening to a curled up, sleeping cat growling. ;-)

Penguins is cool.. but I want to come back as a cat next time.. Lay around sleeping till you're hungry.. wake up, kill & eat the first thing you see (that bowl of food started it!).. 'n go back to sleep..

Hmmm.. Neocons is Cats! ;-) Well, almost.. If they would only not waste their food, they might sleep more.. & that would be good!
# posted by bobby : 18/2/06 5:36 PM  

As the intelligent and caring disappear, overwhelmed by the stupidity and deceit, the oblivious babbling buffoons will take over and fill the vacuum with inane nonsense designed to lull the unaware into a false sense of security, just before we fall off the edge of the earth.

Ohh, we did that already.
# posted by Debra : 18/2/06 9:20 PM  

I don't see how you could go on hiatus with this story in the news
# posted by NewsBlog 5000 : 19/2/06 5:27 PM  

Oooh, the missing link between penguin and Man, as predicted by the Book of Tux, the holy scripture of Tuxology, which teaches that mankind is devolved from penguinkind! Thanks, NewsBlog 2000, for letting us know about scientific vindication for one of Tuxology's most cherished beliefs!

-- Badtux the Tuxologist Penguin
# posted by BadTux : 19/2/06 6:25 PM  

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