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Monday, January 30, 2006

Testing 1 2 3...

If this is successful, you should be transferred to my new domain,, shortly (if you're not already here!). Please do *NOT* re-adjust your bookmarks yet, this is an experiment to see if this server can support the blog. If the JavaScript failed to transfer you, you may wish to go over to to see if there's any new content over there yet...

Hmm, trying again...

-- Badtux the JavaScript Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 1/30/2006 08:59:00 PM  


Are we there yet?
# posted by BadTux : 30/1/06 10:24 PM  

Ok, weird. Does your new domain have an RSS feed? I tried to grab a feed for your new domain in Bloglines, and it said I was already subscribed. However, the post after this one doesn't show up in Bloglines, presumably because it didn't get posted to your old blogspot address. What the hell, yo?
# posted by Pope Nixon : 31/1/06 1:29 PM  

There was a problem where atom.xml (the feed) was not getting published into the correct place on my server due to a bug in Blogger's 'publish' function (what? Blogger? bugs? Doh!). I figured that one out around 1am last night and fixed it. You should be able to pick up the current RSS feed at now.

I believe that the new server is going to handle the awesome load placed upon it by my two dozen loyal readers, but I'll know for sure by the end of this week. At that time I'll go ahead and post "Okay, folks, switch everything over to the new domain now!".

- Badtux the Internet Penguin
# posted by BadTux : 31/1/06 2:21 PM  

So, now that you have your own domain, will you continue to use Blogger to publish the blog files to your host? You might want to consider installing blogging software on your own server; more local control and such. Wordpress and Textpattern, in particular, are very easy to install, and you can import all your Blogger posts into either one. I use Textpattern for the Church of Nixon site and Wordpress for all the sideblogs, and they're all housed quite comfortably on the same server.

Nixon the Internet Pope

PS. Stay the hell away from Movable Type, though. It's the Microsoft of blogging; pain in the ass to install, full of bugs, crash-prone, and totally proprietary.
# posted by Pope Nixon : 31/1/06 2:53 PM  

I've run blogging software on my own server before (I once had a 512kbit SDSL at home and my own servers) and it's a PITA. Keeping the comment spammers subdued is an especial PITA, no sooner than I would figure out one way to head them off, than they'd find another way to spam me massively. I once did a MySQL query to delete thousands of sex spams out of the comments dbms for my old blog. AGH!!!

I do have 100% control over the data once it is published from Blogger -- it's sitting on my server in flat HTML files -- so I think I'm just going to stick with Blogger for a while. That may change in the future, but right now, I see no reason to move away from Blogger. blogspot, on the other hand...

-- Badtux the Well-networked Penguin
# posted by BadTux : 31/1/06 3:31 PM  

I didn't redirect. I'm using Firefox if that's a help. I guess I can change the bookmarks now.
# posted by Fixer : 31/1/06 4:21 PM  

Never mind. I tried it again and it worked. Disregard. Congrats on the new domain and server.
# posted by Fixer : 31/1/06 4:23 PM  

Hey, Snarky one? Lemme know when the domain issues are settled, 'k? I wanted to inculde you in my blog round-up today and I'm not quite sure how I should go about that presently. Thanks.
# posted by Desi : 15/2/06 6:05 AM  

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