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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Parties of Mass Destruction!

Well, it seems that our latest attempt to zap the #2 guy of al Qaeda (which one? The 4,324,432'th #2 guy we've tried to zap, or the 4,324,433'th #2 guy we've tried to zap?) was about as accurate as George W. Bush's pre-war statements on Iraq. Didn't get the dude, but sure bombed that party flat.

Yeppers. Similar to our Brave Leader's "decapitation strike" upon Saddam Hussein that took out the Restaurant of Mass Destruction, our airedale SecDef, Rummy the Crabfat Fishhead, was trumpeting that we got Osama's #2 (who was formerly Osama's shoe-shine boy, before we got the 4,324,420th and 4,324,421st #2 guys for al Qaeda, who were formerly his beautician and his manicurist respectively). Except, apparently, it didn't happen, any more than the "decapitation strikes" got Saddam.

You'd think that after four years of futily bombing random restaurants, weddings, and parties, the Secretary of Defence would put down his rum bottle and figure out, "sayyy... bombing doesn't work at dealing with terrorism, only intelligence and boots on the ground do!". After all, it was intelligence and boots on the ground that got Saddam -- not bombs. But that would require, like, uhm, not being rummied to the point of talking nonsense and demonstrating oriental fighting techniques at news conferences. Not happening. Especially after the alien brain-eating vampire masquerading as George W. Bush got through with the Rummy...

Of course, maybe all that is beside the point. I mean, we're talking about an administration that long ago launched a War on Fun. And what in the world could be more fun than a party?

Mission Accomplished!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Bonus snark: Tbogg takes on the Cellphones of Mass Destruction!

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