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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hey, it was only darkies, so what's the big deal?

The Bush Administration is stonewalling attempts by Congress to find out what went wrong with the Katrina response. After various failed attempts to blame the mayor of a bankrupt city for not finding billions of dollars to fix the levees before they broke and various failed attempts to blame the governor of the poorest state in the nation for not having enough National Guard troops or resources to help the city after the levees broke, apparently the Bush Administration's response to requests for info about the federal response is "Nyuh uh, we don't have to!" Like a petulant 3 year old refusing to go to bed, I expect at any moment that the Bushies will be caught on camera throwing a full-bore toddler tantrum while crying on the carpet, "wah! Congress bein' MEAN!"

In the meantime, Louisiana has 160,000 uninhabitable or destroyed homes, while Mississippi has 65,000 uninhabitable or destroyed homes, yet Louisiana is going to get $6.2 billion dollars to repair those homes, while Mississippi is going to get $5.1 billion dollars to repair far fewer homes. Even Louisiana Republicans are astounded at the sheer mean-spiritedness of the way Louisiana is being treated. And worse yet, most of New Orleans is excluded from receiving assistance. Nevermind that it was federal levees that were defectively designed by the Corps of Engineers that failed and flooded these homes. The federal government isn't going to rebuild the homes they destroyed. Those people are just darkies anyways, so it isn't as if they matter, right? They don't even vote Republican (GASP!). How *dare* they not vote for our Lord and Savior, George W. Bush, and His holy administration?! No, no, they obviously are not deserving of any assistance rebuilding, for they are heretics and sinners against His holy white order!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 1/26/2006 02:08:00 PM  


I'm actually kind of scared to hear the results of this inquiry. The stuff that we know right now pretty much proves that Bush isn't fit to be president. What the hell else can they be hiding?
# posted by Marie Antoinette : 26/1/06 4:45 PM  

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