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Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday cat-killer blogging with Bubba

Howdy, Bubba the Suthern Penguin here, fillin' in fer my cousin BadTux.

Now, last night I wuz out fer a bit of cat-killin' with my ole' buddy Bill Frist, and then I got home around one am or so and there wuz Darlene, just a screechin' at me, "You was out seein' that hussy Eliza, wasn't ya? Wasn't ya!" Well, I was a tryin' ta tell her I was just out cat killin' with my buddy Bill, but next thing I knew she was pullin' out that ole' iron fryin' pan and screechin' "Get out! Get out!" and I wuz runnin' fer my life.

Now, luckily, I keep a blanket in my ole' pickemup truck, but the fellers at work, when I got in, they took one look at me and started a'laffin'. And that's why I got so much sympathy fer them poor fellers at the NSA, who has all them folks laffin' at them fer saying "we didn't spy on Christiane Amanpour".

Now, I gotta say, I ain't believin' them either. I mean, have you seen that Christy Amanpour? She's a dish! Oh sure, she's one of them commie Bush-haters at CNN, but rooowwwr! If I could spy on her, I'd spy on her too! But look: that ain't no caul fer LAFFIN at that poor NSA guy. You know and I know that he couldn't say nuthin, NUTHIN', 'cause if'n tha terrists know who we is and is not spyin' on, why, they could KILL US ALL! And besides, maybe they got themselves one of them thare tips, maybe about microphones of mass destruction or sumthin', and had to save us from a threat that coulda KILLED US ALL! Why, c'mon, now, fellers, you don't want ta be killed by microphones of mass destruction, do ya? Do ya?!

So alls I gots ta say is, c'mon, fellers. Have a li'l sympathy fer them fellers at the NSA. Oh sure, it's sorta funny that they're sayin' "We didn't spy on Christy", sorta like a bank robber sayin' "I didn't do it!" while hidin' the bag of money behind his back, but look. NSA dudes are people too. And it just ain't right to be a laffin' at folks like that.

-- Bubba the Suthern Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 1/06/2006 04:30:00 PM  


great post done snarky proud....
# posted by enigma4ever : 6/1/06 10:24 PM  

When I worked there we were told that we could spen a minimum of 10 years in jail for doing what they are "not" doing now.
# posted by Ole Blue The Heretic : 7/1/06 2:30 PM  

That is great! Bubba needs to stop hanging out with Bill Frist, though. One day, he's going to get him into terrible trouble. What will happen is that Frist won't be able to find any cats, he'll then think that Bubba might just do, instead. Just a caution, now.
# posted by oldwhitelady : 7/1/06 3:24 PM  

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