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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why does John Kerry bother getting out of bed in the morning?

Yes sirree, as someone who donated to John "I hocked my balls in 1975" Kerry, I'm on his mailing list. And he keeps sending me stuff. That I don't read. And keeps interjecting himself into Democratic Party stuff. As if he actually mattered anymore.

Now ole' Johnny boy says that we can "win" in Iraq if we just replace Donald Dumsfeld with, like, someone who hasn't lost all his brains to the brain-sucking alien in the Oval Office. WTF?! What does "win" mean?

Nobody's ever been able to answer that. To me, "winning" means some outcome that is good for America and Americans. I mean, that's the whole point of the Government of the United States -- that it is the government of the *UNITED STATES*, existing only because it has some benefit to the people of the United States. But I can't see any such outcome. Even the goal of "establishing democracy in Iraq", even if doable, would be good for Iraqis but probably not for America and Americans, since any viable democratically-elected Iraqi government *has* to be anti-American or else won't get the votes to be elected under any fair system of government, since America is hated with a passion in all sectors of Iraq except Kurdistan (which is still operating under the delusion that the Busheviks won't betray them in a second if there is political hay to be made).

As for Kerry, he is pathetic. He still thinks that any Democrat would vote for him again after Kerry betrayed his past and the Democratic Party by playing all haughty when the Flying Swift Boat Attack Monkeys were dispatched by the Wicked Witch of the Oval Office with orders "Attack, my little dearies, attack!", thenceforth to prime and pump their fecal orifices by gorging themselves on lies and slanders until the point of bursting, then take flight to fling feces with all the frantic intensity of a Halliburton executive seeking government money to do nothing. Under assault by these hoards of flying swift boat monkeys, truth becomes obscured under the feces flying everywhere, feces piling up in malodorous heaps of lies, libels, and confabulations, but Kerry didn't even *try* to clear a path through the piles of reeking feces, instead haughtily declaring himself above it all and piously proclaiming that the body public would somehow be super-smart and have x-ray vision enough to be able to see the truth buried under the constant rain of flying swift boat monkey feces.

Kerry is a loser.

There, I said it. Kerry... is... a loser. And needs to just shut his yap and let winners guide the party, instead of constantly attempting to interject himself into every debate and every discussion as if he actually really mattered anymore.

- Badtux the non-flying-monkey Penguin

Hat tip to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

Posted by: BadTux / 12/08/2005 12:59:00 PM  


I donated money to Kerry too, but the only reason I and the entire left-of-center political spectrum got behind Kerry was because he was the one selected by the Democratic Party to run against Bush, not because of anything Kerry himself had to offer. Taken purely on his own merits, Kerry sucked ass.

And it says a lot about how cowardly the Democratic Party is that they tried to shut Howard Dean up and deemed Kerry to be the most "electable" candidate they could find against Dubya.
# posted by drumwolf : 10/12/05 10:35 PM  

Yeah, that's why I donated to Kerry too. Kerry wasn't my candidate -- Gen. Wesley Clarke was -- but once the Democratic Party decided on Kerry, (shrug). I gave him money, and then he did diddly with it, as far as I can tell. He sure as hell didn't run an effective campaign with it, that's for sure.

Let's face it: Kerry is as pathetic as Al Gore now, just a washed up has-been trying pitifully to be relevant. Hey Johnny Boy, get your balls out of hock and maybe you can play... until then...
# posted by BadTux : 11/12/05 12:12 AM  

I've always wondered.. Why did Kerry attack Clark, Gephardt & Dean harder than he 'attacked' (coddled is more like it) Bush?
And why did he & Edwards act like such ridiculous simps (as my dear departed grand mother used to say) when, for better or worse, whether for 'good' reason or no, there was a war going on? And why, when he claimed to have 'hundreds' of lawyers standing by to fight ANY hint of election fraud, did he concede the election before the vote was finished being counted, in the face of obvious illegal/immoral vote fraud?

The only answer that works ties in with the only reason Gore would have been so subdued on the floor of the Senate in 2000.. Bush had been 'pre-elected' by the powers in charge.. Let's not forget that Bush & Kerry belong to the so-called 'Skull n Bones' fraternity. Kerrys 'job' was to make sure Bush got 'elected'..

Inquiring minds can't help but wonder...

yes, I know I am paranoid.. But, am I paranoid enough! ;-)

Ralph is correct.. the essential difference between Dems & 'Pubs is the same as 'good cop/bad cop'.. one acts nice, but they are both out to set you up.

FWIW, altho I know the Congress would have stalled him (hell, they would have stalled any Dem), I was rooting for Dean. Gephardt had already voted for Bush & I'm not sure a military man is a good choice for president.. Diplomacy is the answer..

disclaimer - I am a Massachusetts citizen.. & a libertarian. Pity me ;-)
# posted by bobby : 12/12/05 10:54 AM  

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