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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pentagon shocked by reports it plants propaganda in press

Secretary of Defense Ronald Dumsfeld announced yesterday that he's shocked, shocked I say, that someone within the Department of Defense could ever engage in planting propaganda in foreign newspapers, and immediately announced that the Pentagon was going to immediately investigate allegations that the Pentagon paid reporters to plant favorable stories in their newspapers. It is widely expected that the Pentagon will find that this did not, in fact, happen, or if it did in fact happen, charges will be filed against the same seven rogue soldiers who are to blame for all torture allegations against the Pentagon.

In other news, Enron is going to investigate whether Enron defauded investors, and Arthur Anderson is going to investigate whether Arthur Anderson did not fulfill its fudiciary duty to Enron investors. It is widely expected that they will find that the companies did, in fact, fulfill their fudiciary duty to investors, and that any reported problems were caused by The Evil Seven, who, prior to enlisting in the National Guard, were highly-ranked Enron employees. Also, the heirs of former President Richard Nixon are re-opening the Watergate investigation, and will perform a full and thorough investigation of the unproven allegations that Richard Nixon was a crook. It is expected that this thorough and impartial investigation will also find that The Evil Seven also were responsible for all those misdeeds, and that Nixon was, in fact, an honest god-fearing man who was unjustly accused of being a crook when he was, in fact, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 12/01/2005 12:23:00 PM  


Penguin, if you are going to blaspheme against Nixonian Scripture, at least quote the correct passage! Heretical Tuxologist waterfowl!
# posted by Pope Horatio Tyrannosaurus Nixon Rex : 1/12/05 2:55 PM  

President Nixon spoke to me in a dream while riding a yak and said to me that he will be found not guilty of any thing exept being a good man who was the last prophet before the next coming of Jesus Christ, who is embodied in our lord and savior George Bush.

Glad I have my shit kickers on.

# posted by Ole Blue The Heretic : 2/12/05 10:43 AM  

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