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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Trained attack monkeys roll out their script

See The Daily Kos for the full scoop.

As usual, the hooting howling feces-throwing attack monkeys of the Right Wing Noise Machine throw their shit (lies) like a chimpanzee throws feces. So many lies... they figure if they get the lies out there, then nobody will know what to believe.

The disgusting part is that they're blaming the victim. Kinda like the rapist who says, "hey, you know she wanted it!" to excuse his actions, they're saying "It's all the victims' fault!". So they're trying to slander the Democratic governor by saying she did not ask for help (she did, the Sunday before the hurricane hit), by saying she did not declare a state of emergency (she did, the Friday before the hurricane hit), then they go on to slander the Mayor of New Orleans for not knowing about the school buses owned by the Orleans Parish School Board (school buses not under his jurisdiction), and the local levee boards for not checking on levees under the jurisdiction of the Corps of Engineers (I have been on those levees, on each and every one of those levees that surround New Orleans is a warning that you are on FEDERAL property and that all vandalism will be prosecuted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers).

Look, I've probably survived a half-dozen Louisiana hurricanes over the years. Here is what happened in all those hurricanes: FEMA served as the coordinating agency. The Red Cross would say, "I have x tons of food and water and y volunteers." Local agencies would say, "I have x school buses, I have y schools." Other local agencies would say "I need z school busses to evacuate x number of people, and schools to evacuate them to." The state would say "We have x National Guardsmen staged at location A, y National Guardsmen staged at location B, ...". Then FEMA would dispatch a guy with a radio to the emergency response center in each parish, and radio requests for resources by the locals back to FEMA HQ, and FEMA HQ would then dispatch the appropriate resources to the appropriate place.

This system worked, not always smoothly, but never to the point where anybody's life was actually endangered by the inevitable mixups and confusion of a disaster area. The National Guard was on the street within hours in the affected areas. The Red Cross was set up in the local schools by the end of the day, providing food and water to the survivors. But this system totally broke down when it came to handling the Great Flood of 2005.

Blanco and Nagin can certainly be blamed for not issuing the mandatory evacuation order early enough. By waiting until Sunday morning to do so, they condemned the residents of the nursing homes and hospitals to ride out the storm and its aftermath within the city of New Orleans, because there was no physical way to get the buses and ambulances into the city to evacuate them (all lanes on all highways out of New Orleans had been turned into outgoing lanes). But when it comes to the after-disaster response... it's just lie after lie after lie, starting with the many lies that FEMA told Nagin, Blanco, and the press. Nagin would ask, "where's my relief supplies? Where's my buses? Where's my National Guard troops?" and for THREE DAYS FEMA told Nagin they'd be there within hours. Blanco would ask, "What is this I'm hearing about New Orleans not getting the supplies and buses that it needs?" and FEMA would just *LIE* and tell her that those were just rumors on the internets, that everybody was getting what they needed. It was not until the lies became so blatant as to be obvious to everybody that the press quit going with the script and Blanco ripped control of the National Guard out of FEMA's hands and sent tem into New Orleans.

Where were the FEMA people with radios? Why didn't FEMA arrange communications with each parish's disaster relief center? Why didn't FEMA dispatch the *ENORMOUS* resources that were swiftly volunteered to them within the first 24 hours of the disaster? Why did FEMA kill these people?

But none of those matter to the hooting howling feces-throwing attack monkeys, who will do or say anything, say any lie, if it will help protect their mangy chimpanzee alpha male Dear Leader.

I've been saying that these right wing attack monkeys are dangerous animals who should all be shot and killed as the dangerous animals that they are, because there is nothing human left in them -- no compassion, no honesty, no appreciation of truth or beauty. They're animals. That's all they are, is animals, slathering hooting howling feces throwing animals. They aren't people anymore, they don't qualify for that, they would need even a tiny bit of human compassion to qualify for that. I don't know what should be done about these animals. As someone who does actually give a shit about my fellow human beings, suggesting that they be exterminated or caged in zoos as the dangerous vermin that they are does not sit well upon my heart. But it is clear that they are a malignant cancer of filth and pestilence upon the body public, and something has to be done about them. While exterminating them is not the answer (no matter how much part of me wishes it was), it is clear that we need to stop giving these people a forum on the public airwaves for their hate and lies, just as has been done in every other Western country where it is illegal to spew hate and lies.

The United States is the only place in the Western world where it is legal to suggest the genocide of entire cities, entire peoples even. Anywhere else, you'd be jailed for hate speech. Because the Western democracies realize that hate and lies are toxic and dangeous to democracy. Unfortunately, we Americans, with our vaunted "liberty" and "freedom", are allowing these rabid animals spewing hate and lies to destroy our democracy... even though the other Western nations make it clear that shutting their filthy mouths and letting them gabble to their walls instead of to a gullible public actually leads to a *stronger* democracy.

In short: It's time for a change. And dealing with the howling hooting feces-flinging attack monkeys of the right wing hate and lies machine is going to have be part of that change. Either we have the guts to do it, or condemn ourselves to 3rd world status in the future. That's the only two choices. Unfortunately, I'm doubting that my fellow Americans have the guts to do what's needed to reclaim our country from this filth and return it to being a government "of the people, by the people, for the people" as Abraham Lincoln put it...

- Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 9/06/2005 03:04:00 PM  


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