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Thursday, September 01, 2005

So what is the Catholic Church doing?

Probably the usual -- feeding and housing the poor via their system of soup kitchens and shelters, providing emergency medical supplies to diabetics and others who have been cut off from their normal source of medical supply, and otherwise doing what Catholic Services does every day in the Catholic areas of Louisiana. Catholic Services and the Salvation Army are on the ground all day every day of the year serving the poor, of which Katrina just created more, and they will still be there on the ground long after FEMA and the Red Cross leave.

Catholic Community Services of Baton Rouge and Catholic Charities of New Orleans are coordinating services in Baton Rouge for those who have been displaced from New Orleans. Please click on the link and consider contributing a few dollars to their efforts, which will continue long after the media spotlight turns away from the victims of this hurricane and moves on the the latest teen starlet's tit job or yet another "missing white girl" story. And don't forget the Salvation Army either. Regardless of their goofy religious beliefs, they do a whole lot of good in one of the poorest states of the country.

- Badtux the Louisiana Penguin

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