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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Why we can't leave Iraq

If we left, there would be civil war.

Oops, there already is!. Alrighty then, Mission Accomplished, I guess...

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 8/21/2005 07:29:00 PM  


. . . Mission Accomplished . . .

What, you didn't get the memo?
# posted by Fixer : 22/8/05 12:11 PM  

Hi. Just want to make sure you know I drop by several times a week to read here even if I don't comment. "cause you're writing good stuff. And also for the penquin porn.

Yeah, "mission accomplished". Had a little discussion with a fella in a comments thread not too long ago where I said something about how we're taking all these casualties and so on and we aren't at war and he was all, "Whaddaya mean not at war?" He forgot that the war has been over for more than two years. We won. Of course, 1300 or so US troops have died in attacks by the people we liberated since then, so some of our slower teammates don't understand that the war is over. We won the war and we ended terrorism and liberated the Middle East and spread democracy. We had to buy the winners in Iraq, of course, and women won't get any of that democracy, but what the hell, who dares say that making some of the men freer and all of the women less free isn't an improvement? That would be unAmerican. I'm sure the women of Iraq are happier now. I wouldn't bother to ask them. Their opinions don't count.

Kool-aid anyone? I made it fresh.
# posted by DBK : 23/8/05 5:52 AM  

Bush's biggest mistake was to not leave after declaring victory. That is the accepted way for the U.S. to lose a war.
# posted by NewsBlog 5000 : 23/8/05 11:12 AM  

G. D. Frogsdong's trying to outsnark you, BadTux!
# posted by oldwhitelady : 23/8/05 9:48 PM  

g.d. frogsdong - do you have any rainbow koolaid? Or how about that sunshine punch stuff they used to, or might still, have? I'll have a full glass, please, omit the ice. I like the full effect.
# posted by oldwhitelady : 23/8/05 9:51 PM  

They now sell "invisible" kool-aid... without the colors. So you can drink the Kool-Aid, when everyone else thinks you are just having water...

How vaguely reassuring. And yet, frightening. If I can't tell who's drinking the Kool-Aid any more, how am I to know whom to trust?
# posted by georg : 24/8/05 10:34 AM  

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