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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why the Downing Street Memo doesn't matter

Oh sure, random lefties and libertarians rant and rave about how the Bush Administration lies, cheats, and steals. But look, in their heart of hearts, the average American thinks this is what *all* politicians of *all* stripes do, and see nothing unusual about it at all, and certainly isn't going to get upset to, like, *do* anything about it, except maybe mutter a few words at the water cooler (oh duh, like the Bush administration is gonna shake in their boots about *that*!).

The fact of the matter is that Americans have had their minds poisoned by the Republican noise machine into believing that *all* politicians are corrupt and useless, whether Republican or Democrat. So why should they care that the Bush Administration is corrupt and useless, if the only other choice is some other corrupt and useless set of politicians?

Fixing that well of cynicism at the heart of the American soul is not going to happen quickly, but must happen in order to reclaim our country from the vultures who wish to plunder its ripe corpse. Enumerating the many crimes of the Bush Administration is not going to make a blessed thing happen unless we have some vision, some vast and shiny lie that is a dream that could be, to offer the American public to give them hope that there's some alternative to a continued cycle of looting and plundering by corrupt and venal politicians. Right now they have no such hope. They have had that hope cynically stripped from them by a Republican noise machine that has every incentive to paint all politicians as evil, corrupt, and venal (since this in turn means they can be evil, corrupt, and venal without it seeming unusual). How do those of us who are apalled by this corrupt regime counter this? It certainly isn't going to be by focusing on the fact that the Bush Administration is evil, corrupt, and venal -- most Americans already know that, DOH!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 6/21/2005 12:31:00 AM  


In situations like this, it is helpful to ponder the immortal words of the Philosopher Carlin, when he elucidated the three main types of Americans: the Stupid, the Crazy, and the Just Plain Full of Shit. Stupidity and Craziness can both be cured, or at least treated; however, if it turns out that the majority of us are, in fact, Just Plain Full of Shit, we may be past help.
# posted by Pope Horatio Tyrannosaurus Nixon Rex : 21/6/05 9:04 AM  

mahatmas gandhius said:
First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.

I think they're hovering between ridicule and fighting. We're almost there. Don't give up!
# posted by mpower1952 : 21/6/05 12:41 PM  

I've read two news reports by reporters saying that of course the DSM is real, but that doesn't matter because everyone knew that Bush fixed intelligence and went in early anyway.

They are overestimating the ability of the American people to pay attention.
# posted by NewsBlog 5000 : 21/6/05 4:14 PM  

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