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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Woohoo, another jihadi dead!

Woohoo, another jihadi dead! Why, sure, she was just four years old, but a four-year old can pull the trigger on an AK-47 too, y'know! Why, if us good patriotic Americans didn't bankrupt ourselves paying taxes to support killing little Iraqi children, those little Iraqi children would KILL US ALL!

-- Badtux the Freeper Penguin

PS: We are *SO* damned to Hell, and I ain't talkin' Hell, Arizona, either...

Posted by: BadTux / 5/25/2005 12:21:00 AM  


Where did you get this picture? It could be the Iraq version of the young Vietnamese girl picture.
# posted by mpower1952 : 25/5/05 8:10 AM  

*sarcasm*Well, we liberated the hell out of that kid, didn't we? */sarcasm*
# posted by DBK : 25/5/05 1:31 PM  

mpower, if you click through the link, you'll find that the picture came from David Leeson / The Dallas Morning News. I got the photo courtesy of Des at GREATSCAT, which you should read in order to see other such horrifying photos that are regularly disappeared down the memory hole by the Ministry of Truth here in the American provinces of Oceania in order to protect us from, well, protect us from feeling bad. Sigh.

- Badtux the Orwellian Penguin
# posted by BadTux : 25/5/05 10:13 PM  

Excellent snark, Penguin!
# posted by Desi : 26/5/05 5:02 AM  

Mpower: Here's the pic (click on the middle one) of a girl from the current war that ripped out my heart:,0,532599.story?coll=ny-world-big-pix

Justice would be seeing the pic of the screaming girl on a million T-shirts & posters.
# posted by Dave : 31/5/05 3:26 PM  

Try this for a picture of the girl...
# posted by BadTux : 31/5/05 4:52 PM  

fuck you
# posted by CHRISTINE : 15/11/06 10:35 AM  

ok first of all you fuckin american..go back to ur perverted country "AMERICA", because we all know america is fucked up in the guys cause everything...because all you americans are screw ups who never finished there education or even know how to read a book, so get ur big ugly nose's out of iraq and all of the middle eastern countries & i hope all you american soldiers DIE!...when u said "woo hoo, even tho she is 4 yrs old; she can still pull a AK-47"...ok i still can are you goonna kill me?; oh wait are you going to kill EVERYONE IN THIS WHOLE FUCKIN PLANET?! huh you fuckin dumb ass american; i seriously & really pray to the lord almighty that you die & go burn in hell with your other ugly coward american friends; because i will look down on you and spit on ur face when i see you in your 2nd go shove that AK-47 inbetween ur ass; (not a guys genetils like u amerians do,) && blow ur self apart before i do; which i will one day...LOOK OUT

# posted by Anonymous : 15/11/06 10:42 AM  

your a fucking sick bastard you piece of filthy shit!
# posted by Anonymous : 23/1/07 7:46 AM  

your all sick.. children dont deserve this
# posted by Anonymous : 23/1/07 7:46 AM  

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