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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Awwee, those poor persecuted Christians!

Why, it's not enough that they control two of the three branches of government, are having their agenda written into law every day, and basically control the political course of the land. They're persecuted, PERSECUTED I say, because of, well, I'm not quite sure. I went and Googled to find examples of religious persecution of Christians in America, and all I found was nonsense about Cassie Bernall, the "Columbine Martyr" who supposedly was killed for expressing her Christian faith (except she wasn't, witnesses say, and in fact witnesses say that the girl who DID express her Christian faith was spared by the killers). It seams that they can't find any actual persecution, so they just make shit up. Their Bible says that liars are going to Hell, but these "Christians" don't appear to care. They lie often and with no apparent guilt, inventing illusionary persecutions to feed their pathetic delusions.

But that's not the main reason they say they're persecuted. They say they're persecuted because they're not allowed to persecute *ME* by outlawing my rotund waddling self as an obscenity. And because I say bad things about their lunatic delusions about invisible sky spirits and bad science fiction "holy literature". Oh wah, their feelings is hurt, waahhhh! What a bunch of wuss crybabies.

I believe that everybody has the right to believe any insane twaddle they wish to believe. But your right to believe in insane twaddle ends when you start acting on those delusional beliefs in a way that impacts *ME*. I don't give a sh** what you believe, just keep out of my face.

Your right to utter inane prayers to an imaginary being in the sky isn't going to be infringed by me in any way, but if you harass ME by getting in my face and ranting that I'm going to some imaginary place of burning flames because I don't share your insane delusions, if you're going to say that, because I don't share your lunatic psychosis, I'm a second-class citizen, I'm going to tell you to get the fuck out of my face. I'm going to do that not because I'm persecuting you for your religious beliefs. I'm going to do that because you're an asshole.

-- Badtux the Newly-converted-to-atheism Penguin (hey, ya gotta admit that with "Christians" like Pat Robertson around, Christianity seems more like an insane delusion backed up by a bad science fiction novel called "The Bible" every day).

Posted by: BadTux / 5/08/2005 09:19:00 PM  


It's the same rhetoric that the KKK and neo-Nazis are using today. They claim that the White Race is being persecuted because they're not allowed to viciously terrorize blacks, Jews, and other minorities anymore like they did in the glorious days of white supremacy.
# posted by drumwolf : 9/5/05 10:54 AM  

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