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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Who would Jesus beat?

Little children, apparently. For hours at a time. Gah. And not only is this self-proclaimed "Christian" not arrested and put into prison, but he is put in charge of a school for "incorrigible" girls. Makes you wonder what ELSE he beats...

Then comes the woman who called the cops because her kids were acting up. The cops arrived, and found the kids tied up in the garage. And said she was just following the "Tough Love" advice of James "Who Would Jesus Beat?" Dobson.

Then there's the three white cops it took to subdue a vicious, out-of-control... five-year-old girl. In Florida. Of course.

Apparently in Jesusland, the slogan isn't "What Would Jesus Do?". The slogan is "Who Would Jesus Beat?". Nevermind that I search my Gospels high and low and I cannot find any instance of Jesus beating little children...

Jesusland makes Afghanistan under the Taliban look almost sane.

- Badtux the WWJD Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 4/26/2005 05:26:00 PM  


Silly penguin, don't you realize that if Christaholics actually practiced what they preached, their whole quest for salvation would end in complete disaster? These tortured souls are committed totalists; their highest and sole ambition is to achieve absolute security, in both the here and the after. No compromise will be tolerated. And in order to secure their absolute security in the after, they will utilize all means available to secure it here -- and let's face it, you have to be severely insecure in order to thoroughly and eagerly traumatize fellow human beings who weigh four or five times less than you do. "Hell is for children," sang Pat Benatar, and she wasn't kidding -- convince a child that the punishment you are inflicting upon him pales in comparison to what will happen if he or she blabs to someone your own size about it, and you become, for all practical purposes, God.

As above, so below...
# posted by Mimus Pauly : 27/4/05 11:45 PM  

As far as the Florida case goes, if you view the entire 15-minute video, you'll see the girl in question was FAR from good. Also, she had been causing trouble at school for quite some time and the cops were -- unfortunately -- familiar with her. The teachers behaved admirably throughout, unlike this little monster. (There are links to the video all over the blogosphere)
# posted by andrew : 28/4/05 12:38 PM  

Andrew, I used to teach in a behavior intervention center. I worked with kids like that little girl -- or worse -- every day. The teachers did what they were trained to do, and I agree that they behaved appropriately throughout, exactly as I would wish a classroom teacher not specifically trained in behavior-disordered children to behave. The problem came at the last step. The final step in escalation for an out-of-control kid, according to my trainers, was to call for assistance from administration in order to have the child safely removed from the classroom and sent home. For a child of this age, this requires two school personnel trained in how to safely restrain and transport an out-of-control child (a process that does NOT involve pain or emotional distress). If two such personnel were not on campus, district policy was that the administration call school district security, all of whom were trained in safely restraining and transporting an out-of-control child.

Note that NONE of this involved jacking up a kid, putting handcuffs on a kid, yelling at a kid, demeaning a kid, or otherwise inflicting any sort of physical pain or distress upon a kid. The sole purpose was to insure the safety of the child and her classmates by removing her from a situation where she was obviously overstimulated, out-of-control, and potentially harmful to herself or others.

That's how I was trained, the whole goal was a) to keep parents from suing the school district (!), b) protect school personnel (we weren't to touch a child physically other than possibly to hold her hand unless there was an administrator present), and c) protect the child and her classmates from harm. Things went whacky with this situation when the administrators didn't do their job, and called the cops rather than handling it according to "the book". It certainly wasn't an issue with the teachers, who basically went "by the book".

- Badtux the Former Teacher Penguin
# posted by BadTux : 28/4/05 1:52 PM  

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