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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Banned by another site!

Yes indeedy, the Snarky Penguin peeves both left wingers and right wingers equally. Today I was banned by a left-wing site that I won't name for basically quoting this article to them and pointing out that we hold marches for the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing, but Iraq and Afghanistan have had over 100 Oklahoma Cities and all we do is wring our hands and tut-tut and say "oh what a shame". Because those Iraqis are, like, DUSKY. And, like, AREN'T AMERICAN. So that means they don't REALLY count, right? So I applaud these fine left-wingers for joining Tacitus, Little Green Footballs, and Free Republic in banning the Snarky Penguin -- they are truly in fine company!

- Badtux the Banned Penguin

Posted by: BadTux / 4/19/2005 07:31:00 PM  


Saw that, you bad, bad penguin.
# posted by The Heretik : 19/4/05 10:13 PM  

Naughty penguin. You need to be spanked with a herring.
# posted by CmdrSue : 20/4/05 6:53 AM  

The.... herring?! Oh no, not the herring!
# posted by BadTux : 20/4/05 8:34 AM  

Ah, cah MAAAHN! Who banned you?
# posted by Mimus Pauly : 20/4/05 8:49 AM  

Nah, Mimus. They're not bad people, just willfully blind. So I don't want to submit them to the pounding they'd get if named.

- Badtux the Gracious Penguin
# posted by BadTux : 20/4/05 12:02 PM  

Gracious and discrete...not qualities in great abundance these days.

(though I'm soooo curious about your indiscretion).
# posted by TheCultureGhost : 20/4/05 1:38 PM  

Aren't you tired of being right?
# posted by DBK : 22/4/05 6:49 AM  

Yeah, the world is flat. Gawd forbid we venture out of our comfort. Nevertheless, some will, and so far they have not fallen off the planet.
# posted by Missouri Mule : 22/4/05 9:44 AM  

Who banned you Badtux? Tell us. We have ways of making you talk.
# posted by JT Davis : 16/5/05 4:24 PM  

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