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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Dead Dogs and Children: An Elegy in Pictures, Links, and Verse

Dead children piled upon the street
dead dreams vanishing upon the wind
while rough men walk upon the land
rifles warm and eyes cold and empty
boys given guns, and told to kill or be killed
pushing the fear deep inside
and a boy grows old before his time

What would Jesus do?

Ah, Jesus, this muscular man of the 21st Century
killer of children, taker of souls
kicking rear and taking names
sending jihadis to meet their maker
(And women and children too,
"collateral damage", oh well)
in some Satanic universe of death and fear
in Jesus's sweet name we pray

And Jesus weeps
But no one hears
in their pointless lives of apathy and fear
defecating and masticating and fornicating
collecting silly baubles of no import
"Let someone else do it"
says this fine exemplar of human thing
afraid to dream, afraid to dare
21st Century Man at the end of time
Capable of nothing but fear and whine

Once upon a time... ah, once upon a time.
Once I had a dream, I know
In another time, another world
But that dream's forgotten now
Dreams of love, dreams of peace
Dreams of the world a better place
But now I don't dream, I've forgotten how.
So I live my life of pointlessness
and cheer the soldiers on the TV show
as they tell us of their great victory
and forget even that there was a dream
A dream we called America.

- Badtux the Poetic Penguin

Watching the rain fall, and feeling too melancholy to snark.

Posted by: BadTux / 3/22/2005 10:16:00 PM  


Hey, Snarky...
Are you sensitive?

Seriously though: great stuff, it's time people see reality just like you're showing. War is killing, and there's nothing noble in that. Never will be noble.
# posted by Tannish : 23/3/05 11:22 AM  

you people are sick and idiotic you should not show dead children it is wrong and disgusting
# posted by Anonymous : 26/9/06 12:36 PM  

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